Live Convention ’18: DJ Spinna’s Top 10 Brazilian Funk Breaks

In support of Live Convention ’18, taking place in Toronto, September 21st through the 23rd, the incomparable DJ Spinna graced us with his Top 10 Brazilian Funk Breaks. DJ Spinna is known worldwide for being equally adept at spinning and producing Hip-Hop, House and beyond, so it’s no surprise that his crates run even deeper. He’s even got the endorsement of one Stevie Wonder for his Wonder-Full tribute parties – so on the chances that you’re not already familiar – now you know that he’s more than official.

Live Convention ’18 consists of 6 events over 3 days, features the Cratery Record Exchange and performances by some of the biggest heavyweights in the digging world including Lord FinesseJazzy Jay, DJ Koco aka ShimokitaSupreme La Rock and many more! 

I first got into deep Brazilian music in the mid 90s via the cult classic album by Joao
Donato, Quem É  Quem. It’s been on ever since then. I realized throughout the years
that music from this country is some of the most unique in the world. It mirrors
everything that was happening in the US via Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock, etc., but fused with
their own Latin approach unlike any other Latin American country in the world. Here are
a some of my favorite funky drum breaks of all time from Brazil! – Spinna

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Wilson Das Neves ‎– Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Wilson Das Neves ‎– Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

1970, from the album Samba – Tropi (Até Aí Morreu Neves)

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Dom Salvador ‎– Tio Macro

Dom Salvador ‎– Tio Macro

1969, from the album Dom Salvador

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Ivan Lins ‎– Hei, Você

Ivan Lins ‎– Hei, Você

1971, from the album Agora

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Carlos Dafé ‎– De Alegria Raiou O Dia

Carlos Dafé ‎– De Alegria Raiou O Dia

1977, from the album Pra Que Vou Recordar

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Manito ‎– Tuck’s Theme

Manito ‎– Tuck’s Theme

1972, from the album O Incrivel

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Ed Maciel E Sua Orquestra ‎– Put Your Hand In The Hand

Ed Maciel E Sua Orquestra ‎– Put Your Hand In The Hand

1971, from the album Ed Maciel E Sua Orquestra Vol. 8

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Painél De Controle ‎– Cão, Cão, Mani Picao

Painél De Controle ‎– Cão, Cão, Mani Picao

1973, from the album Painél De Controle

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Os Incríveis ‎– Repent Walpurgis

Os Incríveis ‎– Repent Walpurgis

1971, from the album 1910

DJ Spinna's Top 10: Waltel Branco ‎– Meu Balanço

Waltel Branco ‎– Meu Balanço

1975, from the album Meu Balanço

DJ Spinna: Discogs | Official | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Mixcloud

DJ Spinna plays at the Live Convention ’18 Love Handle party in Toronto at One Loft on September 22nd, along with Supreme La Rock and more. Full Live Convention schedule here.

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