Downtown Funk Mix From Straight no Chaser Magazine’s Will Page

The lead cut from Mark Ronson‘s 2015 Uptown Special LP, the Bruno Mars-fronted Uptown Funk was a huge hit and a huge point of contention. It generated lawsuit after lawsuit, resulting in what seemed to be perpetually amended songwriting credits.

After the controversy died down just a little, Straight No Chaser Magazine‘s Will Page put together a mix that he called Downtown Funk. His goal was simple:

I wanted to get behind what made the success of the 2015 hit Uptown Funk so unique, as it seamlessly took music from a past generation to a whole new audience. Artists like the Johnson Brothers, The Time and Deodato – who I’ve worked with for years – were influencing on the biggest global hit [of 2015], yet many of the fans of Uptown Funk would be largely unaware of their repertoire.

Not only does Page’s Downtown Funk mix accomplish this — it really rips, too.


1. The Hole in The Wall Gang – Apache King (Scissor Cuts Volume 1 12”)
2. The Mighty Mocambos – Do You Want To Battle (Favorite Recordings 7”)
3. Dazz – Brick Re-edit (Replay, Germany 12″)
4. Roger Troutman – So Ruff, So Tuff (Warner Bros. Records 12” Maxi)
5. The Controllers – I Can’t Turn The Boogie Loose (T.K. Disco 12” Maxi)
6. Dunn Pearson Jr. – ‎Groove On Down (Shyrlden Records, Orange Vinyl 12”)
7. Eumir Deodato – ‎Piña Colada Long Version (Warner Bros. Records 12”)
8. The Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head (Mercury 12” Maxi Promo)
9. Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson x Trinidad James – Uptown Gold (Benji B “Disco Dub Mix” cut with Amerigo Gazaway White Label Edit)
10. Deodato ‎- Night Cruiser (Long Version) (Warner Bros. Records 12”)
11. Bobby Thurston – You Got What It Takes (Epic 12”)
12. Brothers Johnson ‎- Ain’t We Funkin Now Re-Edit (White Label 12”)
13. The Time ‎- Jungle Love (Warner Bros. Records 12″)
14. GQ – Lies (GQ Two, Arista Original LP)
15. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun (Rams Horn Records 12” Promo)
16. Tony Sherman ‎- Ellovee-Ee (Ariola 12″ Original Promo)

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