Dublab 19th Anniversary Celebration: Rene Contreras’s Top 10

Discogs is a proud sponsor of dublab celebrating 19 years of radio programming at its annual anniversary fundraiser! The Los Angeles based non-profit radio station will be hosting an all-evening, and into the late night party featuring live performances, DJs, video artists and not-to-be-missed surprise guests on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Dublab’s takeover of Zebulon LA for the second year in a row will be taking place in the main room, cafe and patio. Performances and DJ sets will come from LinaforniaThe PantonesProphet (Stones Throw)Devendra BanhartGeotic (Baths)DJ Mamabear, and many more, along with live visuals and screen printing by Hit+Run!

In anticipation, the host of dublab’s Oh No It’s Monday! and Los Angeles Viva Presents concert promotor Rene Contreras gave us a list of his Top 10 records.

Here are my top ten records that I feel have shaped me as a person. They are very all over the place.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Ilegales ‎– Ilegales

Ilegales ‎– Ilegales

I remember going to the outdoor swap meet with my parents every other weekend. They would buy my brother and I the most random things. I remember being really into Illegales, a Dominican Merengue-House group that sang many party songs that would make me want to dance. My mom purchased this record for me at the time I was 6-7 years, it made me want to start a dance party every time.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Black Flag ‎– Damaged

Black Flag ‎– Damaged

One of the first records I purchased with my own money. I was curious on what Punk music was…this was an important record for me.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Gil Scott-Heron ‎– Pieces Of A Man

Gil Scott-Heron ‎– Pieces Of A Man

I was introduced to Gil Scott-Heron by a good friend of mine. He told me to listen to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…my life was never the same, had to buy the record. It gave me a lot of insight on other genres, specifically in Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Ataque De Caspa ‎– Sol

Ataque De Caspa ‎– Sol

This is an Indie Pop Rock band from Madrid, Spain. A gem, I was introduced to this band by friends in Costa Rica. Ataque De Caspa is great, they recently reformed due to the demand in the Indie music community in Spain.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Chicano Batman ‎– Joven Navegante

Chicano Batman ‎– Joven Navegante

I used to work at a record store, and a member of Chicano Batman came into the record store and handed me Joven Navegante as a gift. I listened to it and knew this was going to be a special band, I was hooked.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Las Robertas ‎– Dissected Affair

Las Robertas ‎– Dissected Affair

Las Robertas is a band from San Jose, Costa Rica. They gave me this 7″, it’s a blend of Garage/Shoegaze Rock. They cover the song Foggy Eyes by Beat Happening.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Tall Juan ‎– Olden Goldies

Tall Juan ‎– Olden Goldies

Tall Juan is an artist from Bueno Aires, Argentina. He is based out in Far Rockaway, New York. He gifted me his new record which I highly recommend. It reminds me a lot of the Ramones, which he pulls a lot of inspiration from.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Los Crudos ‎– La Rabia Nubla Nuestros Ojos...

Los Crudos ‎– La Rabia Nubla Nuestros Ojos…

This band speaks to me. It depicts and talks about the corruption that this world has. It’s all fast Hardcore Punk in Spanish. It talks about struggle and on how cruel the system can be. It’s empowering for the Latinx community, it’s great that it was released in 1993.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Las Chicas Del Pais ‎– El Mejor Grupo Femenino

Las Chicas Del Pais ‎– El Mejor Grupo Femenino

I bought this record while on a trip to New York, I didn’t have much money and ran into this Merengue record from the Dominican Republic. I was drawn to it by it’s Merengue sound, the record is played fast it also gave me a lot of Punk Rock feels. It’s a gem.

Rene Contreras Top 10: Snail Mail ‎– Lush

Snail Mail ‎– Lush

This record was released in 2018, it’s really well put together and it’s great, if you’re fan of Indie Rock I highly recommend it.

Rene Contreras: dublab | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Viva Presents: Official | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dublab’s 19th Anniversary Celebration takes place on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA. Rene Contreras’s program, Oh No Its Monday! airs every Monday from 8 to 10AM, PST.

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