Easier, Cheaper Record Shipping: Buy Shipping Labels On Discogs!

Selling and shipping records on Discogs is about to get a whole lot more convenient. Starting today, US sellers can purchase and print shipping labels directly from Discogs for both domestic and international shipping. Check out our new suite of vinyl record shipping tools.

Discogs is partnering with USPS to bring you a cheaper, faster and more convenient solution to shipping records within the US and further afield. All you need to take advantage of this feature is to have an order to fulfill. When you sell a record through Discogs, sorting out postage is as easy as entering the shipping details, printing off a label and sticking it on the package.

  • Save money. Shipping labels through Discogs are offered at a discounted price. Pass the savings on to buyers and watch your sales rise!
  • Save time. Hate standing in line at the post office? Of course you do! Print off labels from the comfort and convenience of your home or store. You don’t even need to leave the house anymore.

To purchase a shipping label for domestic or international postage on an order you’ve received:

  1. Go to the order page for the item you’d like to ship and click the blue ‘Buy Shipping Label’ button
  2. Enter all information on the Purchase a Shipping Label page, then click the green ‘Confirm Details & Select Shipping’ button
  3. Print off your label
  4. Attach your label to the order package, then schedule a postal pickup or drop it off in a USPS dropbox

Get more information on purchasing shipping labels through Discogs in our help documents. It’s also possible to cancel unused shipping labels if necessary.

Please note, this new shipping labels feature is currently only available to Discogs sellers in the US. Please contact our support team if you have any issues using Discogs shipping labels.

Looking for more ways to streamline your shipping on Discogs? We recommend making sure your Shipping Policies are set up for the smoothest possible order process for you and your buyers.

Don’t waste any more time at the post office. Save time and money by buying shipping labels directly from Discogs!

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