Engineering Updates 8/28 – 9/10

This is the first installment of what we hope is an ongoing feature here at the Discogs Engineering Blog, so check back in another two weeks for more updates! Also feel free to drop us a note in the Development forum if you have a question or bug report.

August 28th – September 3rd

Features, Updates, & Chores

  • Reduced impact of javascript loading on page render times
  • Removed “500 items per page” setting from the Discogs Marketplace for performance reasons
  • Started testing an Elasticsearch backend for Discogs Marketplace (admins only)
  • Began shutting down our Tracks alpha project (we’ll revisit at a later date)
  • Removed “Site Feedback” from the site footer

Bug Fixes

  • Improved translation output for translators by removing “fuzzy” matching
  • Fixed some Database notification delivery issues
  • Fixed adding/editing Groups error
  • Fixed PM message counts missing some margin-left
  • Fixed usernames sometimes replacing release titles when a review is edited
  • Fixed the submission form breaking in IE8
  • Fixed line breaks not rendering in “new message” emails
  • Fixed searching the database by ANV
  • Fixed inaccurate collection counts

September 4th – 10th

Features, Updates, & Chores

  • Database and Discogs Marketplace searches now have a maximum pagination cap of 500 to prevent performance issues (See ‘Deep paging in distributed systems’)
  • Added ability to delete API apps
  • Launched the Mobile Discogs Marketplace, moving it out of beta and into production
  • Added AJAX pagination to the Discogs Marketplace listing pages
  • Redesigned the seller profile header in the Discogs Marketplace (aka “My Store”)
  • Added an internal block storage interface, making it easier for the engineering to interact with files (images, attachments, etc.)
  • Created a static page for use during scheduled maintenance or downtime

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various HTML/data entry issues with collection/wantlist notes (format codes, HTML escaping, etc.)
  • Fixed incorrect/deprecated image URLs served via the API
  • Fixed unclickable filters in the Mobile Discogs Marketplace Beta
  • Fixed missing currency symbols in the Discogs Marketplace page titles and RSS output

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