Engineering Updates 9/11 – 9/24

This is the second installment continuing where our first post left off. This one is a couple days late due to our quarterly kickoff last week, but we’ll continue to release these roughly every two weeks. Also feel free to drop us a note in the Development forum if you have a question or bug report.

September 11th – 17th

Features, Updates, & Chores

  • Added order event tracking for the new order timeline feature
  • Added total number of items to order page
  • Improved display of Additional Instructions on the order page
  • Added ability to upload an avatar image
  • Improved Dashboard page load time by using AJAX for widgets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the broken link to Meuse Muzique Records
  • Fixed the inability to remove selected filters in explore/search on mobile devices
  • Fixed the Discogs format code in release updates
  • Fixed Release Delete email notification using incorrect URL
  • Fixed non-editable Collection and Wantlist notes when data is all numeric
  • Fixed mobile layout in iOS 8

September 18th – 24th

Features, Updates, & Chores

  • Completed conversion to Elasticsearch in the marketplace; fully remove Solr from our application stack
  • Updated phrasing of Royal Mail options on the shipping calculator for clarity

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Javascript errors appearing on the subform caused by tabbing between fields
  • Fixed selected filters on “Items I Want” marketplace page showing up twice on the mobile layout
  • Fixed moving collection items to a different folder deleting custom field data
  • Fixed error when clicking empty “Ships From” term in Marketplace
  • Fixed the “Make Offer” option not appearing on “Items I Want”/”From my wantlist” pages
  • Fixed the Dashboard “My Profile” module returning inaccurate counts for contributions
  • AJAX dashboard list modules no longer throw an error if they correspond to lists that don’t exist

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