Engineering Updates, August 26th – September 21st, 2016

Features & Updates

  • Updated the layout of the header of the order page
  • Updated the styling of the order feedback section
  • Moved some order page banner messages to the top of the page, instead of just above the messages list
  • Added links to the shipping policy editor in all interfaces where items can be listed for sale
  • When using a custom sort order on the main inventory page for sellers, bulk editing multiple items will maintain the chosen sort order when returning to the main inventory page
  • Added Collection value statistics to all layout modes on the Collection page. Also added three experimental variations with how the statistics appear.

Bug Fixes

  • Listing an item for sale from a master release will no longer prompt you to select a specific release when only one exists for that master
  • Fixed a timezone bug on the SPIN page
  • Fixed sorting order line items by “Item” to account for “The” and other articles
  • Antarctica now appears in the list of available countries and regions
  • Fixed some styling bugs with the new feedback interface’s modal window
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to add suspended seller’s items to their cart
  • Merged orders now show the print button as deactivated (since they have no items)
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