Engineering Updates, December 1 – December 14

Features & Updates

  • Concluded an A/B test regarding what to show on the collection page for users who have no collection added yet; a design showing the benefits of collecting on Discogs won.
  • Offers on Marketplace items will be automatically declined when they are unlisted.
  • Offers on Marketplace items will be automatically deleted when the items are deleted.
  • Added more analytic measurements to the submission form’s track list.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Discogs API that caused the count of users’ lists to show incorrectly for users that had some private and some public lists.
  • Fixed a server error that could sometimes occur when releases are merged.
  • Corrected a bug that caused logged-out users coming from non-English search engines to be directed to the English version of Discogs. Users who are not logged in will receive Discogs in the language their browser prefers.
  • Fixed a bug that would have allowed banned users to send messages to their orders via email, or allowed these same messages on order that had been locked by Discogs staff.


App Updates

  • Released Android Version 1.0.8
    • Fetch more complete search results when filtering.
    • Better handling of search skittles.
    • Improved inbox error handling.
    • Added additional link to associated label(s) from a release.
    • Added VinylHub record stores to search results.
    • Display distance when viewing a VinylHub Record Store.
    • Added setting to set unit for distances.
    • Now using the ‘join’ attribute on releases.
    • Improved the syncing stability.
    • Upgraded dependency libraries.

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