Engineering Updates – July 28th – August 10th

Features & Updates

  • Released Version 1.5 of the official Discogs App for iOS. New version includes:
    • Discogs inbox / messages
    • Profile data, including estimated Collection value
  • Added text labels to buttons on the Marketplace order page
  • Added a link back to the order when leaving feedback on a Marketplace order
  • Users of the Marketplace listing and Database release API endpoints can now specify a currency for prices
  • Added a collection value endpoint for accessing minimum, median and maximum total value of a user’s collection at /users/<username>/collection/value; users can only access their own collection value stats
  • Added a simple form to solicit product feedback at the bottom of the Collection
  • To speed up the initial page load, many thumbnail images across the site are downloaded on demand, as they are scrolled into view; this is in effect on:
    • Marketplace and Database search results
    • Artist and label pages
    • Marketplace inventory edit page
    • User avatar images on the release reviews
  • A “Start Tutorial” button has been added to empty Collections that shows a new user how to catalog their collection


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Artist and Label facet display bug
  • Fixed Wantlist random item button
  • Fixed a bug in which modal windows could be hard to scroll or close on short browser windows or mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with experiment variation selection that sometimes affected the visibility of the Collection
  • Fixed issue preventing tutorials from restarting

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