Engineering Updates – June 16th – 29th

Features & Updates

  • The Marketplace Order page no longer shows the email address of the seller.
  • API: Releases and master releases now have attributes for the number of items for sale in the marketplace and the lowest price of those items. (i.e. “X for sale from Y”)
  • API: Extra format data is available on the master release versions endpoint
  • API: Added a couple additional data fields to the new User Lists endpoint(s)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Marketplace buyers would receive a “Looks like this item got away…” notification for items which they first added to their cart, and subsequently made an offer that was accepted.
  • The “Cancelled” status on seller’s lists of Marketplace orders now correctly shows all orders in any cancelled state.
  • Fixed a minor XSS vulnerability
  • Closed an old bug where the “haves” value wouldn’t properly increment to 1 for new submissions with the “Add to Collection” box checked; the new submission form has not exhibited this behavior and it’s safe to assume this is resolved.

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