Engineering Updates, October 20th – November 2nd, 2016

Features & Updates

  • An “Items I Have” link has been added to the Marketplace top-level menu so that users can find their Collection more easily from any page on the site
  • Added ability for sellers to create a support request from the order page
  • Improved orders page for mobile devices
  • Releases that have been blocked from Marketplace sale will no longer display statistics on the release page for past sales or haves/wants

Bug Fixes

  • Users can remove comments/notes from a List entry and save it as a blank field again
  • Collection and Wantlist search is fixed so that no results will display if a user’s search term matches zero items
  • The disabled/grey “Waiting on shipping cost” button is no longer shown to the buyer for Marketplace orders that have been cancelled, to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a styling issue preventing error messages from being seen when cancelling Marketplace orders on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug with automatic Non-Paying Buyer cancellations that showed a warning message to buyers after the order was altered or merged into another

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  • Nov 14,2016 at 15:25

    how about fixing the bug that only shows up to 50 owners / wanters for a given release? it limits usability and is much more highly needed than a second link to a user’s collection page.

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