Engineering Updates, October 6th – 19th, 2016

Features & Updates

  • Minor updates to the language on the seller settings page to make the page more self-explanatory
  • Updated subform “Preview” button to “Preview / Submit”
  • The Collection’s overall value stats are now more minimal, taking up much less space
  • Added the ability to sort via a dropdown menu on the Collection. Previously, the large layout didn’t have a way to sort
  • When logged out and you click “Add to Collection” or “Add to Wantlist”, upon logging in, the release will be successfully added
  • Launched accessible “tropical skittles” to 50% of traffic as an experiment
  • Launched and experiment with order status update buttons
  • Updated support link location on the order page to link new support form
  • Added a description tooltip to shipping policy creation checkbox on the order page

Bug Fixes

  • Inactive Master Releases are no longer in XML data dumps
  • Fixed search bug where search results would show inactive artists and labels
  • Fixed bug when editing list item descriptions
  • No longer showing a language selection alert message banner for mobile visitors

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