Engineering Updates, September 22nd – October 5th, 2016

Platform & Site

  • Features & Updates
    • Minor adjustments to the language in seller settings
    • Support request form now redirects to our new form
    • Orders with a single record, tape, or CD will show sellers an option when setting the shipping price to “always charge this much” for similar orders
    • Added an experiment to empty Collection pages that lists the benefits of using the feature
    • Reduced Collection statistics experiment variations to one
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the cropped “Delete” button on the drafts page
    • Fixed a cropped Collection sharing button for mobile browsers
    • Fixed a few string encoding issues with Style names

Android App Version  1.0.6

  • Purchases stability improvements
  • Search design and loading time improvements
  • Lists improvements.
  • Master Release redesign
  • Improved synchronising speeds
  • Collection Value stability improvement
  • Better UX for failed barcodes searches
  • Improved handling for larger collections
  • Many other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

iOS Version 1.6

  • Release redesign: more Release data, Artist credits, and Release stats
  • Folder editing
  • Better Messages / Inbox handling
  • Several other bug fixes and general stability improvements
  • Colorblind-friendly skittles
  • Wantlist currency fix
  • Collection Value stability improvement
  • Logout fix

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