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It seems the last few years have pushed Manchester Orchestra‘s Andy Hull into uncomfortable territory beyond guitar. During the creation of 2016’s Swiss Army Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Hull spoke with Consequence of Sound, “I really learned how to allow myself to be vulnerable” and that vulnerability pours into the first single from Manchester Orchestra’s upcoming LP ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’. “The Gold” is an exercise in restraint from the band’s previous records, and judging its construct, a very non-Manchester Orchestra record. Ahead of ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’, Andy turns back to his comfort zone in sharing his Top 5 Built To Spill records… all having a huge influence on him from his teenage years up until today.

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Check out Andy’s Top 5 Built To Spill Albums:

Manchester Orchestra's favorite Built To Spill records: There's Nothing Wrong With Love

1. There’s Nothing Wrong With Love

One of the more important albums that I have ever heard. It broke a lot of rules about recording that I had in my mind as a teenager. This album led me to discover bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr which all proceeded to blow my mind.

Manchester Orchestra's favorite Built To Spill records: Keep It Like A Secret

2. Keep It Like a Secret

This is the second Built to Spill album that I heard and for a while, I incorrectly thought it to be the album that came after “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love.” Sonically, it made sense. It was a massive progression but still so catchy. This album ingrained itself into my brain and it remains there today.

Manchester Orchestra's favorite Built To Spill records: Perfect From Now On

3. Perfect From Now On

Epic. When I finally put the pieces together in my 16-17-year-old brain that THIS was the album that came directly after “TNWWL,” it was inspiring. When the time came to make Manchester’s second album many years later, I would always keep in mind that these guys took a chance, followed their experimental instincts and came out on the other side with something incredible.

Manchester Orchestra's favorite Built To Spill related records: Doug Martsch's Now You Know

4. Doug Martsch – Now You Know

My brother gave me this album for my 17th birthday and it’s still my “airplane album.” I remember being so blown away at the versatility of Doug and how wide he was able to stretch himself. I would say “Dream” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Manchester Orchestra's favorite Built To Spill records: Untethered Moon

5. Untethered Moon

I have been a fan of every album that these guys have made so the decision for the fifth spot was not easy. I have such a soft spot for “Ancient Melodies” and thoroughly enjoyed “You in Reverse” and “There is No Enemy” but this album got under my skin in the best way possible. It became my shower album, working out album, Airplane album, and sleeping album. It’s a simplified Built to Spill in a lot of ways but that’s what reminded me of “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love” in the most beautiful way. And the tones… oh, the tones…

Pre-order Manchester Orchestra’s new album, ‘A Black Mile To The Surface‘ out July 28, and dig into their back catalog on Discogs. And while you’re there, there’s a ton of Built To Spill wax HERE as well!

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