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Fun Discogs Feature: Random Items In Your Collection

Sometimes when I can’t think of a good topic to write about I’ll check random items in my collection to see if anything spikes my interest. So, it hit me. Why not take a moment to explain this incredibly simple but fun Discogs feature.

To access this, go to your Discogs collection page. Next to the search box is a link labelled “Random Item”. Pressing that will take you to a random item in your collection. That’s it! Maybe you’ll use it to plan out your next big DJ set or even just to find something to listen to when option paralysis takes hold.

Random Button Screenshot

I selected a few random items from my own record collection to share. I admit I did cherry pick the results a little. Some stuff I just don’t remember enough to write about. Some stuff is really boring. I have some pretty awful taste. Here’s what I got:

Various - Jamaica Ska random items in your collection

Various – Jamaica Ska

If I recall correctly, I got this from either a close friend of mine who was downsizing their LP collection or I found this at a thrift store. It’s a fantastic compilation of early ska that’s worth picking up if you see it.

Yabby You - Michael Prophet Versions random items in your collection

Yabby You – Michael Prophet Versions (Fleeing The City Versions)

Decent dub records seem to do an absolutely wonderful job being totally evasive to me in the field. This is probably one of the first actual dub records I’ve found that wasn’t an in-press reissue.

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone random items in your collection

Paula Cole – Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

I shamelessly own a lot of 90’s pop. I always really liked this song and also there’s a break. She also did the theme to that show that was on in the 90’s that I didn’t watch because I was like ten and thought it was boring.

Sweet G - Games People Play random items in your collection

Sweet G – Games People Play

Classic track! 7″ versions of hip hop classics are often a more desirable version then the usually more common 12″ version. Personally I usually prefer longer mixes, but as a 7″ collector at heart, I can’t resist.

Kat Mandu - The Break Remix random items in your collection

Kat Mandu – The Break (Remix)

I was on the hunt for a copy of this for years before I copped one. I stand by this being one of the best disco remixes of all time. It demands respect.

Those are the ones I chose! It helped me realise that I have no clue what’s in my record collection. I say I do, but I did pretty bad on the quiz.

Have you tried the Random Item Discogs Feature? Give it a try and find see what you get!

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  • Jun 4,2016 at 6:30 pm

    I didn’t have to cherry pick the results at all as the first five that came up weren’t too bad. Even though around half my collection is vinyl, only one of these is.


    I remember this being a huge hit in 1983, though I hadn’t a clue what it or its singer were about. It’s still a great song & I picked it up last year at either a carboot sale or a charity shop (thrift store), which is where I get most of my singles.


    Comedy albums can be hit or miss, but this is one of the best because it shows a love for the different genres of music it parodies. Also picked up for a pittance at a charity shop.


    I only bought this CD when I saw that Grant McLennan was involved. There are some really fine songs on it & I bought this on sale at an Irish record shop a couple of years after its release.


    A California-tinged single from an Irish band that I bought for the demo version of an earlier single.


    I worked at a record when Van the Man’s CDs were reissued in the early 1990s & I bought a lot of them using my store discount. This is one of my favourites by him & one I’d like to buy on vinyl sometime.

  • May 27,2016 at 8:04 pm

    Is there a URL that works to load a random item from your collection? I thought it’d be neat to set this as my browser homepage.

  • May 26,2016 at 5:34 pm

    Shameless plug for the official Discogs iOS app:

    The App has this feature too! From your Collection list view, simply shake your phone and a random release from your Collection will be presented!

    Download the iOS app, or sign up for the Android beta here:

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