Fee Credits For Record Stores On Discogs

As we continue to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit physical record stores hard. The impact started with drops in foot-traffic and escalated to stores needing to shut down entirely, ultimately leading to big drops in revenue. record stores have always been at the forefront of our community; whether it is a recommendation from the person behind the counter or digging in a bin in the back room, they are the glue that keeps us connected to the music and ultimately one another. There are many things consumers can do to support record stores, but we wanted to do something more.

As of today, any record store that has had a Discogs account and has linked their VinylHub page has received up to a $500 credit for their March sales. With so many new stores being pushed online we want to make sure we can extend this benefit to them as well. So we will be extending credits to any new seller on their April invoice up to $100. record stores can create a Discogs account here and in order to verify their physical location, link to their VinylHub storefront here.

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We know we can never make up for the loss of your local record store closing, but we hope that this will bring a bit of support to keeping music spinning during this uncertain time. As mentioned during the start of the pandemic, we’ll continue to be here and support the music community. For most of us, this community and the music are what helps get us through these tough times. 

If you’re looking to support record stores you can browse all of the stores grouped by country here. More information on how to qualify and details of the supporting record store promotion is below.

How are stores identified?

  • record stores must have a physical record store location as identified on VinylHub.
  • Your Discogs account must be linked on VinylHub to your Discogs account. Link your account here.

How are fees calculated?

  • Fees are based on Discogs’ Order Statuses. We are defining items as a sale if the order status is in: Payment Pending, Payment Received, or Shipped.
  • All fees are converted into US Dollar amounts and reimbursed on their invoice in US Dollars ($).
  • The date range for fee calculation of already linked stores is 1 March – 5 April. This is to allow any new orders placed on the 31 March to move into one of the sales statuses.

What if my store doesn’t have a Discogs Shop or I haven’t linked my VinylHub account?

  • You have until 25 April to:
  1. Create your Discogs shop.
  2. Add Your Store to VinylHub.
  3. Link your VinylHub account.
  • The credit will be calculated in a similar fashion for existing stores, using order statuses. 
  • The fee credit will be based on 1 April – 5 May and appear on your 15 May invoice.


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