Most Wanted & Collected Film Releases of 2018 & Database Trends

Filmogs is our second biggest database with about 28,000 films, and 34,000 film releases on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, LaserDisc, UMD, VCD, and more. We started the year with just under 17,000, and we’ll be finishing strong at around 34,000, so 100% growth in the database.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits to Filmogs. We appreciate you making 2018 a great year for the Filmogs database.

This year has shown the problems with relying on the internet and streaming services for getting access to your favorite films and series versus the appeal of owning them on a physical format. From widespread panic at the very suggestion of ‘Friends’ being taken off Netflix, to the news that WarnerMedia’s classic film streaming service FilmStruck was closing down – it’s just death, taxes, and your DVD collection.

What’s new on Filmogs this year:

Most Watched Films of 2018

As well as tracking your film collection on Filmogs, you can also mark films you’ve watched, which is pretty popular among the Filmogs community. The most watched film of 2018 is 2001: A Space Odyssey, closely followed by another Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange (The Shining also features in the top 10). Sci-fi and Fantasy makes for popular viewing with the community, with other popular titles being the Alien films, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Back To The Future, and The Lord Of The Rings films.

This affinity for the weird and fantastic is reflected in the most collected film releases below, as we see Cronenberg, Lynch, Kubrick and make a strong showing on the list.

Most Cataloged Film Genres of 2018

Having said that sci-fi, and more “out there” films were the genre and style of choice among the community, they’re some of the lesser cataloged genres on the sites. Science fiction only accounts for about 1,500 out of 27,000 films. Drama and Comedy well and truly come out on top here, making up for about half of all films in the database. Somewhat surprisingly, Animated films are the third most cataloged genre, ahead of Action, Horror and Thrillers.

Most Cataloged Film Release Formats

When it comes to formats, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that DVD is the most cataloged, making up for about 70% of the database. We’ve seen a recent spurt in LaserDisc submissions, which is super cool. We’ve also seen a few more CEDs added since talking about discovering the format earlier this year. Same for UMDs. We know there’s a lot of VHS and LaserDisc fans out there, we’d love to see your collections added to Filmogs.

Most Collected and Most Wanted Compared to Mid-Year

Our Most Collected list has stayed pretty consistent since we published it mid-2018. The key changes happen around #7 where we lose 12 Angry Men, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Seventh Seal in exchange for Twin Peaks and Eraserhead moving up the list, as well as the introduction of Solaris.

The Most Wanted list gets a bit of a shake up, though Kurosawa holds steady at #1 with Seven Samurai. We get the same number of Wes Anderson films, but different titles. Twin Peaks comes out of nowhere to claim the #3 spot. And turns out people are pretty into Solaris – it takes #10 on both the Most Collected and Most Collected lists.

Most Collected Film Releases of 2018:

Most Wanted Film Releases of 2018:

Thanks again for a wild 2018, let’s do it all again next year, yeah?

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