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Filmogs Mid-Year Review: Most Wanted & Collected

Remember the start of 2018? So many resolutions – we were going to start eating right, working out, cataloging our whole collections… A few of these have gone out the window, but adding stuff to the database is infinitely easier than eating salad and donning trainers.

So now that we’re officially past the mid-point of 2018, we’re curious to see how the Gearogs, Comicogs, Posterogs, Bookogs and Filmogs databases have grown since the start of the year, and which items are the most collected and wanted among these communities. Check out the proportion of growth of each below. Gearogs has slowed down a bit having only increased by 10% so far this year, but Posterogs is booming at 99% growth since the start of the year (granted, it only launched in September ’17, but we’ll call it a victory).

Hey, you know what else is cool? It’s still free to sell your stuff on Gearogs, Comicogs, Bookogs, Filmogs and Posterogs! So if you have any of these ‘most wanted’ items, list them in the marketplace, make a quick buck, and pay no fees.

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filmogs database growth

Filmogs is the second biggest database with over 25,000 film releases cataloged. As with Bookogs, music is a popular genre on Filmogs, with music videos, concert films, and music biopics being heavily contributed genres. DVD is still by far and away the most contributed format, making up around 70% of the database. We’d love to see VHS, LaserDisc, and even UMD pick up a bigger share of the database – if you’re a collector of any of these formats, we need you.

There are a few similarities between the most collected and most wanted lists on Filmogs, with Kurosawa and David Lynch films appearing on both. Wes Anderson films make a pretty strong showing on the most wanted list, with The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou making its way to #3 and The Royal Tenenbaums at #9.

Most Collected Films on Filmogs:

Most Wanted Films on Filmogs:

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