It’s finally here! The official Discogs App

After years of passionate cries and heartfelt pleas for a Discogs app, there is great news to share:

The official iOS Discogs App is now available for free in the App Store!


If you are on Android, you can sign up to be an Android Beta tester on our App page.

Discogs iOS App

Here are some early reviews of the Discogs App from a few of our community beta testers:

  • It’s (officially) time to take your Discogs habit mobile. Discogs has completely revolutionised record collecting. -The Vinyl Factory
  • Quick easy to use! A must for anyone buying vinyl. The layout is great! -Philip S.
  • It’s a fantastic way to have access to your collection on the go. As a second hand record buyer often attending record fairs and such, the scan feature comes in handy to compare prices with the Discogs marketplace. -Michael P.
  • …Adding to collection or wantlist is easy. It seems to integrate with my online collection perfectly. -Denis M.

Discogs App with Headphones

Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll be able to do with the official Discogs App:

Catalog Your Collection

• View and manage your Discogs Collection, including local access to your Collection and Wantlist when you are offline.

• Add and remove items from your Discogs Collection on the go.

• When you are out digging in your local record store, check to see if you already own a record before you buy it.


View Marketplace Pricing

• Access to the Discogs Marketplace price-range right at your fingertips!

• Easily check Marketplace listings for a particular release. Find a deal? You’re just a tap away from completing the sale via the mobile Discogs Marketplace.


Add to your Wantlist

• Track your grail by adding releases to your Wantlist.

• Find a release when you are out digging? Move it from your Wantlist to your Collection.


Discover New Music

• Search the database and discover new music from anywhere!

• Use your phone’s camera to search for a release by the barcode.

Discogs App barcode scan

The official Discogs App doesn’t integrate every Discogs feature, but it currently includes the tools you’ll need to take your music collecting habit on the go! (If you are looking for the full site experience, our site is already mobile optimized, so just navigate to via your phone’s browser).

We’ll be adding new features based on your feedback! Here are some of the features our community beta testers have been asking for us to fully integrate into the app:

Discogs App survey graph

We read through every suggestion and response from our beta testers in order to prioritise what we worked on first. We took our community beta tester’s advice, and we have added Collection and Wantlist filtering, access to Collection folders, a full image gallery for releases, artists, & labels, and made several other updates and improvements. We haven’t yet fully integrated the marketplace experience in-app, however the transition from the app to the mobile site is smooth, and completing a purchase is simple.

Even as we are releasing the Discogs app, our app developers are hard at work on new features! We already have a few new features almost ready to release (improved Search filtering and release rating).

You will see the app grow and evolve based on what you want to see. Do you have a great idea for the official Discogs App, or want the app to include a certain feature? You can submit your ideas in our App Survey.

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