Where Are The Gaps In The Discogs Database?

For the 2018 S.P.IN Campaign we want to focus less on overall submissions and more on filling known gaps in the Discogs Database.

Right now we want your input on where those gaps are and what’s possible to fill. There’s already a conversation underway in this Forum Thread, you can add your input there!

I’ve been digging into the Database to identify the high-level patterns based on:

  • The number of Releases by Year of Release
  • The number of Releases by Format & Year of Release
  • The number of Releases by Genre & Year of Release
  • The number of Releases by Region/Country & Year of Release

Below are some graphs charting what’s in there as of July 2018. PLEASE NOTE there are different scales on many of the graphs.

Do you think these patterns match what’s actually out there in the universe?

Let us know in this Forum Thread.

When September arrives we’ll set up leaderboards for a couple of different goals based on whatever the Community wants to go after.


Releases by Year of Release


Releases by Formats


Releases by Genres


Releases by Region/Country

Keep Digging

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