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Gearogs Marketplace Celebrates Its First Birthday!

The Gearogs Marketplace is celebrating its first birthday today! That’s one year of connecting audiophiles, DJs, and gear-heads in a place to buy and sell music gear, track your gear Collection save gear to your Wantlist.

Since its beta launch, we’ve been improving the Gearogs Marketplace, making it easier to find the gear you’re looking for, create a closer integration between the database and Marketplace, better payment options, and a sleeker interface for product pages. Expect more developments and improvements in the coming months!

Gearogs’ launch was a logical progression for us, due to the obvious parallels between Discogs’ core business of vinyl records and CDs, and audience of audiophiles, DJs, and classic audio enthusiasts. Besides the music connection, like Discogs, Gearogs is also heavily community focused, favors physical media and specific versions of item versus generic releases, and attracts very knowledgeable and passionate followers.

Gearogs’ mission is to catalog every piece of music gear from all corners of the world. While the Marketplace is still relatively new, the Database has been growing since 2014. At almost 15,000 unique pieces of music gear, it’s now the biggest community-built database of audio gear in the world.

While the database started out as predominantly turntables2017 saw turntables overtaken by speakers as the most cataloged piece of gear. There are now over 2,600 models of speakers in the Gearogs database, followed by 1,800 synths, and turntables are all the way in third place with 1,600. Other types of gear currently cataloged include Gearogs include analog and digital effects, headphones, mixing consoles, and more. Synths and turntables are the most listed items in the Gearogs Marketplace, with Pioneer being the most popular maker listed by sellers. 

Selling gear on Gearogs is still free, but only for a limited time. Don’t miss out – list your gear for free today!

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