How to add a submission to an existing master release and how to Copy to Draft on Discogs.

How to Submit Your Records to the Discogs Database Faster (With Shortcuts)

Switching things up this week. Instead of my usual reports of galavanting around the countryside in search of rare wax, I am going to rehash a much earlier blogpost I wrote. This how-to guide will make it quicker and easier to submit releases to the Discogs database with the help of an existing master release.

Copy To Draft & Master Release: Partners In Freedom

These two functions are the most powerful in the artillery of the seasoned Discogs contributor. Copy To Draft will allow you to use an existing submission as a template for a new one when you have a release that varies enough to qualify for a unique release under the guidelines. As a seller, this will eliminate 99% of all causes of Not Actual Item reports. Take heed, save time, make money.

To paraphrase a greater man than I, “Unique versions are extremely important to the database. Your sales will increase as buyers will know exactly what they’re buying without uncertainty. Your username will also be tied to the release permanently, establishing you as the authority on that release.” These words ring true today as clearly as they did over a century ago.

Before you begin on this amazing journey, there are a few things you must take into consideration. Before the release can be submitted, all information must be reviewed. Credits, tracks or other information that does not appear on the release should be stripped off. Variations may have subtle differences such as track durations being off by a few seconds or a slightly different song order. Be vigilant.

One major pitfall to be aware of is runout etchings. Many variations of runout etchings are not considered unique, as they are mostly day-to-day replacements of worn out stampers, which are generally not considered unique enough for a submission. What you are looking for in the runouts is any etchings or stamps that may identify a different pressing plant, mastering house or release even release year if possible. My advice is to start with the jacket and the labels and then look at the runouts last to see if a new submission is required.

Copy To Draft: The Great Timesaver

  • First, under the Release header on the right side of the page, click Edit Release:

Edit Release Link on Release Page

  • This will bring you to the Release History page. From here, press Copy To Draft:

Copy To Draft link in Submission History

  • A dialogue box will pop up confirming if you wish to copy the release. Upon clicking Okay, you will be brought to your drafts folder.
    Edit / Submit button in Drafts Folder
  • Here, the newly created copy will be at the top of your list of drafts, if you have any. Clicking on Edit / Submit will bring you to the subform. Make sure to remember to remove any information that does not appear on your release and to clearly note how your release is unique as needed.

When you have submitted your release, you will likely need to either create or add it to an existing master release, which brings us to part two:

Creating a new master release

    • This is done on the artist page. On the left hand of the page there is a button labeled Create Master Release:

Create Master Release button on Artist Page

  1. Once you click that, click the checkboxes next to the releases you want to add, enter release or submission notes if necessary and then press create! Simple!

Create button becomes visible after two or more releases are selected

Adding a submission to an existing master release

There are two ways of doing this. As I explained one way in my old post, I will explain the other way here.

    • First, find the submission ID of the release you wish to add to the master release and copy it.

The release ID can be found at the end of the URL in the Address Bar or on the Artist Page

    1. On the artist page, click the icon on the right side of the page across from the master release you wish to edit and then click edit master release:

Edit Master Release link via the dropdown menu on right side of artist page

    • This will bring you to the master release history. Click the Edit Master Release link:

Edit Master Release link in Master Release History

  1. Paste your submission ID at the bottom of the list of Releases, click preview and then Save Changes and you’re done!

new release ID pasted to bottom of release list on edit Master Release page

  • Merging is done when there are two identical submissions in the database that are not unique enough to qualify for a separate submission. Please ask in the forums if you have any questions about using this feature before initiating a merge.

Thanks all! Comment if you have any suggestions for more! 

Found a master release that isn’t in the Discogs database? You know what to do, submit it now!

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