Crate Minds: Ghost-Records Is Your New Favorite Haunt

Crate Minds showcases some of the best sellers on Discogs. Here you’ll get to meet the people behind the crates (virtual and otherwise), insight into the life of a record seller on Discogs, how they got here, and learn tips on selling records from the best in the biz.

With a 38-year history of buying and collecting vinyl records, there’s few people as knowledgeable and expertly placed to sell them as Ghost-Records. Five years ago, Ghost-Records left a perfectly good job in sales and marketing in pursuit of a job less ordinary among the crates. The Daily Grind‘s loss was the Discogs’ and record collecting community’s gain, with Ghost-Records store opening in Krefeld, Germany soon after. Now boasting close 10,000 items (mostly ’80s 12″ Maxi-Singles) listed on Discogs, as well as a by-appointment-only physical store.

Crates of records at Ghost-Records

How did you get into selling records?

I’ve been collecting records since I was 12 or 13 years old, so I’ve been involved with vinyl over the last 38 years. Five years ago I was feeling bored in my marketing and sales office job and I wanted to do my own thing. I was thinking about a new challenge, but I also wanted to have fun at my new job. So the idea was born to do something with records.

What is your favorite record store right now and why?

Amoeba Music in San Francisco! When I am on holiday, I always check if there is a record store nearby, and in San Francisco I went to Amoeba. It is so amazing, huge like a supermarket and you find really weird stuff. Funny to see import records which you can get for €2 in Germany at every flea market go for dizzying prices there.

Tell us about your favorite aspect of selling records.

Record selling is more difficult now than in earlier these days. The competition is tougher and the industry is killing the vinyl hype by releasing reissue after reissue, flooding the market with reissues nobody needs. People are increasingly looking for original releases and in the meantime everybody knows that you can make some money with used records. It’s now more difficult to buy collections for reasonable prices than a few years ago. Lucky you when your warehouse is already fully packed. For me, it would be a nightmare to start again from zero.

What is the most expensive record you’ve sold?

Dirty Funker - Flat Beat album cover

Dirty Funker – Flat Beat

Label: Spirit Recordings

This seems to be highly collectable because the cover was designed by the artist Banksy and it is unknown how many were pressed. I sold it to an art museum who wanted to show it as part of a Banksy exhibition.

What’s your favourite record? 

Dead Or Alive: You Spin Me Round

What does your personal collection look like?

I grew up in the ’80s so I am mostly into electronic music like EDM, Darkwave, Gothic, Techno, Synth-Pop and Acid. Also I only collecting 12″ Maxi-Singles. I don’t know how many I have already, but I guess around 10-12,000 each.

What has been your best record find?

The first album from Kin Ping Meh in mint condition in a flea market for €0.50.

What is your number one tip for buyers on Discogs?

Keep Calm. Sometimes things can take longer than expected.

Browse Ghost-Records’ treasure trove of ’80s Maxi-Singles and more!

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