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Clearer Shipping Rates Make for Better Shopping on Discogs

No one loves an unexpected cost, least of all when you’re excited about clicking “Add to Cart” on a record you can’t live without only to be hit with an unforeseen shipping fee. That’s why we’re making shipping rates much more visible and accessible in the Discogs Marketplace. Now you can easily see all the shipping rates to your country, as well as any other countries the seller ships to, straight from the seller’s Shipping Policies. Shopping on Discogs is now more intuitive and straightforward than ever.

Shipping Rates on Seller Profiles

At the top of the seller’s profile, there’s a section that says “Ships From” that states the seller’s location. Previously, “Ships From” linked to a pop-over of the Seller Terms; it will now link to an overview of the seller’s Shipping Policies, showing countries and costs. Seller Terms remain linked on a Seller Profile at the top right of the page on desktop.

Shipping Rates in the Marketplace

With Shipping Policies set up, shipping rates are automatically calculated and added to marketplace listings and displayed beneath the item price in the listing. “Ships From” will now be linked to an overview of the seller’s Shipping Policies, just like on the Seller Profile page. The buyer can now easily see the costs of adding additional items to their order.

Listings With No Shipping Policies

For sellers that don’t yet have Shipping Policies set up, their listings will appear in the Marketplace with the price of the item, followed by “+shipping.” Previously, “+shipping” linked to a pop-over of the Seller Terms. Now, a message will appear stating that the Seller doesn’t have Shipping Policies set up for the buyer’s address, then direct the buyer to the Seller Terms or encouraging them to reach out to the seller.

Knowing shipping costs upfront has become an expectation most people have when shopping online, as well as the ability to finalize the order by paying straight away. After talking to countless Discogs’ buyers and sellers, we understand that this is the way people want to shop, and we’re moving towards making this the default experience for buyers.

To do this, we’re encouraging sellers to set up Shipping Policies so their rates are visible to buyers in the marketplace and on seller profiles. If you’re a seller and you’ve been putting it off, it’s even more pressing to set them up so you don’t get left behind. If you need a hand, check out our step-by-step guide to setting up your Shipping Policies and templates with domestic and international shipping prices from your country.

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