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[b]GUIDELINE CHANGES – 10th March 2008[/b] [b]Important guideline changes to take note of:[/b]
  • The label guidelines have been shifted to a more ‘as on release’ method of data entry. Both companies and labels are now allowed to be entered in this field. This has most importance for the major label releases. There is expected to be more updates both to our data entry methods, and to the guidelines, as this progresses.

  • The MP3 rules have been brought in line with the other formats. We will remove the ‘not on label MP3 is forbidden’ auto check.

  • Removed the rule “The main Credits section must be used for credits that apply to every track on the release” – now changed to “You can enter the credits in whichever section is easiest and clearest to you. Generally, release wide credits (that is, credits that apply to all tracks) should go in the main credits section, but they can go in the extra artist section if, for example, they are writing credits and splitting them up would be confusing.”

  • Redone merge and rename guidelines for artists and labels – these functions are not available in v4 at present, and updates need to be done on a release by release basis.

[b]Summary of guideline changes[/b]

The following is a list of what has been the main changes on each guideline page. For more in depth information, please check the links to the guidelines themselves, the discussion threads in the development forum, and the Unofficial Discogs Wiki page. You can use the history function on the Unofficial Discogs Wiki pages to highlight the transition from the old guidelines to the new ones, for example for the [url=]wiki Label / catalog Number Guideline page[/url] you can [url=]see the difference between the old and new guidelines here[/url], and you can see the stages that took place and [url=]select to see the differences at the history page[/url].

We will now move on to stage 4 of the guideline update, which is to collect any outstanding issues, discuss them, and add them as they are resolved. Information regarding this process is at the [url=]Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08 wiki page[/url] [b]1. General Rules For Adding Information To Discogs (inc submission notes)[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]

There have been a lot of clarifications made to this page, and sections have been moved here from other guideline pages:

  • Primary source of information is the physical release. Explanation about the validity of secondary sources of information and how to relate this to the physical release and enter the information correctly to Discogs.
  • “Eligible formats” moved from the formats page – this has more to do with the overall adding of information than with how to add specific format fields.
  • MP3 etc guidelines – Brought this more in line with physical media. Removed the ‘one or more’ list of requirements.
  • Dictionary of Abbreviations has been removed – we should go by what is on the release + apply our usual caps rules, no need to list these out and require them any more. Section allowing lower case vs. and /w added to capitalization guidelines.
  • Artist name capitalization exception made for when there is “proof that the artist uses that spelling consistently and intentionally”
  • Guidelines clarified regarding how to enter multiple language releases
  • “Hound Dog” examples removed from Errors and Conflicting Information. Text rearranged and tidied up.
  • Any title error that is corrected should be mentioned in the notes.
  • ‘Entering Credits Not On The Release” has been changed to “Entering Information From External Sources”
  • Guidelines added for how to deal with credits for splitting items already in the database into unique releases
  • Submission Notes has been moved here from it’s own page
  • Added “Conduct Whilst Using The Database” section for some pointers for everyone
[b]2. Artist (inc ANV and joins)[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]

This page has been extensively reworked to provide more clarity.

  • Added a new summary section describing the different fields and how they are used
  • Main artist described as “This is considered to be the artist or artists named on the front cover of the release, or otherwise billed as such.”
  • Transfered all the ANV, and join field guidelines to this page
  • Special Artists – added Traditional and Anonymous to the list
[b]3. Title[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Outlined the ‘as on release’ philosophy for this. Link to caps etc guidelines.
  • Firmed up when to use ‘untitled’ on a release.
[b]4. Label / Catalog Number[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Applied the ‘as on release’ philosophy for both label and cat#
  • Allow record companies to be listed in the label field
  • Described Matrix codes, and when they could be used as catalog numbers (unless a dedicated Matrix field is added).
  • Describe how to know what is a matrix number (different for each side)
  • Removed “For label names, the country in brackets should only be used to distinguish national branches of the same company, as is the case for many major labels.” – the information should now be verbatim as on the release, false country divisions are not allowed.
  • Described codes (prefix: B000) and how they could indicate a websubmission.
  • How to enter multiple catalog numbers for one label and how to list one catalog number for multiple labels
  • Expanded the ‘Not On Label’ explanation
[b]5. Format[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • CDr vs CD – added in a description and some images
  • MP3, ogg-vorbis, and other file based formats – guidelines totally reviewed. Old requirement list taken away, computer file based formats follow the same basic rules as for physical media.
  • ‘special packaging’ now explicitly allowed in the free text format field
[b]6. Country[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • No change
[b]7. Release Date[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Added “Items can be submitted before the official street release date, but you must always have the physical copy in your possession when submitting”
  • Added: The release date can be listed as the year, month and year, or the specific day of release, or left empty. Approximate release dates or conflicting information can be placed in the release notes.
[b]8. Genres / Styles[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Added link to wiki style guide
[b]9. Credits[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Added a section on how to credit samples
  • Clarified how to enter non-musical credits as per
  • Inserted “How to display information on cover versions” as per
  • Removed “The main Credits section must be used for credits that apply to every track on the release, otherwise please enter the credit in either the main Credits section, or the ExtraArtist section, as you see fit.”
[b]10. Release Notes[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Sections for recommended content and forbidden content added
  • Excessive HTML forbidden
  • “Standard copyright text” should not be entered
[b]11. Tracklisting (inc all tracklisting field rules)[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Combined all tracklisting guideline pages
  • Clarified the ‘all or nothing’ rule for duration
  • Listed the legitimate formats for duration
  • Describe the process for adding corrected durations.
  • How to list sub tracks per track
[b]12. Images[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Added artist and label image order and primary image guidelines
  • Added guidelines for Suitable artist images, required no images of artists out with their being an artist (tabloid / sensationalist shots)
  • Added request for exact images, and reminder to check cat#
  • Added image order guidelines for new functionality
  • Merged and consolidated image size guidelines
[b]13. Updating An Artist Profile[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Updated the profile section to be more specific about what is acceptable for this section. Increased the maximum recommended profile length to 500 words. Removed “Normally, 3-5 lines of profile text is fine. Long, detailed biographies should be avoided, particularly when that information is available via official web sites, fan sites etc. Artists’ contact info can also be submitted here as there is no dedicated place for it on artist pages. Please format this so it is clearly displayed”
  • Redone merge and rename guidelines
[b]14. Updating A Label Profile[/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • Updated the profile section in the same way that the artists profile section is worded
  • Redone merge and rename guidelines
[b]15. Reviews [/b] [url=]guidelines[/url] [url=]wiki[/url] [url=]discussion[/url]
  • A little rewording has taken place to clarify the text.
[b]Voting Guidelines[/b]

Moderator guidelines replaced with [url=]voting guidelines[/url] [b]HOW THE OLD PAGES MAP TO THE NEW PAGES[/b]

Guidelines – General Rules -> 1. General Rules For Adding Information To Discogs (inc submission notes)

Guidelines – Images -> 12. Images

Guidelines – Release – Artist -> 2. Artist (inc ANV and joins)

Guidelines – Release – Artist Name Variation (ANV) -> transfered to Artist guidelines

Guidelines – Release – Country -> 6. Country

Guidelines – Release – Credits -> 9. Credits

Guidelines – Release – Format -> 5. Format

Guidelines – Release – Genres / Styles -> 8. Genres / Styles

Guidelines – Release – Join Fields -> transfered to 2. Artist (inc ANV and joins)

Guidelines – Release – Label / Catalog -> 4. Label / Catalog Number

Guidelines – Release – Release Date -> 7. Release Date

Guidelines – Release – Release Notes -> 10. Release Notes

Guidelines – Release – Title -> 3. Title

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting -> 11. Tracklisting (inc all tracklisting field rules)

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Artist -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Durations -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Extra Artist -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Extras -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Index Track -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Position -> deleted

Guidelines – Release – Tracklisting – Title -> deleted

Guidelines – Reviews -> 15. Reviews

Guidelines – Submission Notes -> transfered to 1. General Rules For Adding Information To Discogs (inc submission notes)

Guidelines – Updating a Label -> 14. Updating A Label Profile

Guidelines – Updating an Artist -> 13. Updating An Artist Profile

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