h1tchr Displays Discogs Credits in Spotify

There’s a new app called h1tchr that uses the Discogs API to display album credits within Spotify. Check it out!

Here’s h1tchr’s press release for more details:

Who played that cowbell? When was this song actually released? Is
Katy Perry really a preacher’s daughter? h1tchr, the new free app for
Spotify, takes you deeper in to the music you love.

Remember liner notes, hanging out listening to albums, discovering more
details about the new song you just heard, and getting inspired by music?
h1tchr brings the lost art of the “liner notes” album experience to Spotify.
Whatever song you are playing in Spotify, just click on the free h1tchr app in
the Spotify app finder, and if the song is listed on discogs.com and
wikipedia.com the album credits and artist’s Wikipedia page seamlessly load.
h1tchr saves you lots of time searching the web so that you can find the actual
release date, who played that guitar solo, and was Lady Gaga really a go-go
dancer in the East Village?

With over 15 million active users, and over 4 million paying subscribers, Spotify
is the leading streaming music service of its kind. h1tchr is the first service of
its kind to stream this real time album data to the digital audio community.
To take you even deeper into your own personal music experience we have
created www.h1tchr.com to let you show others how songs are connected,
and create h1tchmaps linking related songs to one another. Think you know a
bit about music? Can you find the stolen melody? Think a song comes from
another? h1tchr lets you show your friends where it comes from and how those
songs relate.

Both the free Spotify app* and h1tchr.com launch on October 15, 2012.
*In all 15 markets in which Spotify operates

For more info, please contact:

David Pattillo


195 Chrystie St 592H

New York, NY 10002



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  • Nov 26,2012 at 11:19

    Excellent idea, the main disadvantage of digital downloads is the lack of info, you get your song, and err that’s it.

    Well done David.

    Steve O’

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