Happy 420! Here’s The Ultimate Stoner Album List

by nickhas

Yeah, this is a 420 post. So cliched, so done, so unnecessary. But what do you know? You’re probably high af right now anyway. Today is a day for you, our stoners friends, and I care about what you want so I compiled a list of stoner albums just for you.

Now, I’ll confess, I’m not the guy to ask when it comes to stoner lists. I mean, I’ve tried enough, but it didn’t take. It’s my character flaw, not yours and I’ll own it (and my boss is reading this…). Don’t let me drag you down, man.

But you know who is a stoner and knows a lot of things? The Internet, that’s who. Oh, don’t deny it, Internet, I know what you are. You can’t make a stoner album list without consulting the internet. Clearly, with the help of my friend Google (haha, Google, that’s a funny name), I wasn’t wrong. You delivered lists upon lists upon lists upon lists, Internet! “Top 8”, “top 25”, “top 40” and so on of albums meant for stoners across the globe.

Are they albums to get stoned to? Albums by stoners? Albums with stoner artwork? Like, I don’t know, man, who cares? You’re the toker-in-chief, I’ll leave that up to you.

View the list: Blaze up with these 100 Stonerific albums for all your 420 needs

Note: The first 13 are albums with multiple mentions. After that, everything is in alphabetical order.

Fine print: This list can only be legally consumed by residents of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Maine. Some of you need to consult your physician first. The rest of you, well, just keep “reading” anyway. That’s what you’ve already been doing for decades, right?

About the list – stats!

Total lists used to make one giant list: 7

Why 7, you ask? Why not 8 or 9? Because, that’s why! We broke down to bring you the stoner album list to end all stoner album lists.

Number of albums with more than 1 appearance: 13

  • These are the first 13 on the linked list. Surprise! Dark Side of the Moon tops the list with 4 separate appearances.

Number of artists with more than one album: 6

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine







And an honorable mention to Method Man, with a solo and group (Wu-Tang) appearance

Method Man

Genre Breakdown

Let’s do this one in chart form and let’s use a weird, hard to understand graph because you’re probably high right now and I’m just being mean-spirited.

Total Entries by Genre

This adds up to more than the sum of the list not because I’m stoned right now, but because many albums appear in more than one genre of the Discogs database.

By Year of Release

By the way, this is probably definitive proof that millennials do all the internet lists.

Entries vs. Decade

Celebrate 4/20 right. Get comfy, smoke a bowl and listen to some sweet tunes. Check out Stoner Rock albums on Discogs! (BYO weed)

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  • Dj-BlackJack 1 month ago
    You should've used any list made by High Times Magazine, bruh.