The Discogs September Pledge Initiative aims to save forgotten vinyl records and collectible items

Help The Discogs Database Reach 9m Releases in September!

September is here, and that means the September Pledge Initiative is underway! Start submitting records to the Discogs database and preserve music history!

The database is the very heart and soul of Discogs. Our mission is to create the biggest and most comprehensive database of music releases and recordings from every corner of the world. We’re making strides towards that goal and are currently sitting just shy of 9 million releases catalogued in the Discogs database. With your help, we can get to the 9 million releases milestone and well beyond by Saturday, September 30 2017!

Join the Discogs’ September Pledge Initiative (S.P.IN) to help us hit this significant landmark on our way to cataloging every piece of recorded music in the world! With your help this September we’ll save over 140,000 releases from obscurity or worse. Your submission to the Discogs database could be the one to reignite the passion of a former digger or help a vinyl record find its way back to the turntable – or even a repressing.

Check out live submission stats and contributor leaderboard here

How to contribute a music release to the Discogs database

In previous years, S.P.IN has saved thousands of records, CDs and tapes from being being lost forever with the help of Discogs’ diligent community. We couldn’t have got to this point without the tireless work and attention to detail of our amazing community! We value the time and energy that goes into every database submission. For your efforts, contributing to Discogs database during S.P.IN will put you in the draw to win a Discogs prize pack, including a Discogs t-shirt, vinyl bag and slip mat.

Discogs prize pack includes t-shirt, slip mat and vinyl bag

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on creating the perfect submission to the Discogs database, how to get it done lightning fast (like our very own expert contributor, the talented Mr Fox), and how you can use the database to find out more information about your favorite records. In the meantime, check out more information on how to submit records, CDs and cassettes to the Discogs database.

Get out there and start saving records by submitting them to the Discogs database! See you on the other side of 9m.


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