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September at Discogs means S.P.IN, the September Pledge INitiative: our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database.

This year, we are attempting to add 150,000 new Releases to the Database.

The Discogs mission is to make the world’s biggest and most comprehensive music database: a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. But Discogs is built entirely from volunteer contributions and we need your help.


How To Contribute:

  1. Find some musical recordings. Record stores are full of them!
  2. Search for it on Discogs. If it’s not in the Discogs Database, submit it!
  3. You can add Releases to Discogs using the Submission Form
  4. Nice! You saved a piece of history. Now everyone can find and access its information for free.

Tips and Tricks For Becoming an Effective Contributor

For a full breakdown of how Discogs is built and how you can contribute you can read this Overview of How To Contribute To Discogs. For more information, read our quick start guide to adding a Release to Discogs.

How The Database Is Growing

The Discogs Database is a living project. With that in mind, the Database changes as new music is released, format trends change, and power users unearth different kinds of music. In 2018, we found that the growth in the Discogs Database took some interesting turns. Learn more about how the Discogs Database is growing.

The Contributors of Discogs

There are tens of thousands of Contributors to the Discogs Database. However, we can see about 10% of Contributors submit 80% of all Releases. Learn more about these power users in our review of 2018’s top Contributors to the Discogs Database.

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