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When your burning Discogs questions arise, the first place to check out is the Help section of the site, linked at the bottom of the page.
You can find details on just about every feature and guideline on the site in the Help Topics. You will find most answers there, with the topics in alphabetical order grouped by area of the site. If your question is not answered in the Help Topics, you may want to check the Discogs Help Forums. We have some very knowledgeable and helpful regulars there, although be sure to search through the topics first to see if someone else has already had the same question or concern addressed. The option to search appears when you are in a specific forum.

You can now check out the Help Forums even easier from the Community page. Click on the Community menu at the top of the site, and you can see the different forums, recent announcements, contributor information (including each week’s top voters and contributors!), and group activity.

For most Marketplace issues, you can go right to the support requests (use “Contact” under Help Is Here in the site footer, or New Support Request at For feedback removal, the only reasons you would need to contact us are when both buyer and seller agree to clear all feedback on an order, with both confirming on the order page, or when you need a feedback you left reset or removed. More details on feedback removal here.

Once you have a new support request open, select the appropriate part of the site, fill in a subject, and ask away.

Here are some examples of issues pertaining to each area of the site:

Marketplace – sellers, buyers, order cancellations, fee credits, price adjustments, mutual feedback removal request, non-response, etc.

Database – submissions, voting, credits questions, etc.

User Accounts – Didn’t get that activation code for your 8th account? Here’s where you find out what may have happened.

Digital – purchases, payment questions, possible errors, missed your download time

Advertising – Any questions that are not answered on our advertising page.

A few tips for ease of communication:

-If your question or concern pertains to an order, it will save time if you include the order number in the first request.

-When canceling orders, please include the appropriate status (Item Unavailable, Non-Paying Buyer, Per Buyer’s Request).

-If you encountered an error on the site, it is very helpful to include as many details as possible such as the error number and after which specific action you encountered the error.

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