Helpful Tips for Buyers: Don’t Get Yourself in a Pickle!

Hey buyers!

This new blog series is for you with the intention on giving you the tools you need to have happy and successful purchases.

The first topic I’d like to address is making sure you go into all orders with eyes wide open. This entails informing oneself of a seller’s shipping and payment terms before placing an order and entering into an agreement with a seller. Most sellers expect buyers to have already made themselves aware of their terms before placing the order. I hope you all find this post helpful and informative. I certainly don’t want you to find yourself in a pickle, ’cause that’s just no fun…

On that note, there are three places to find a seller’s terms:

Firstly, a seller’s shipping and payment terms can be found here on their inventory page. The link to a seller’s inventory page will look like this and can be a good way of quickly reviewing their terms if need be:[username]

From this page, the seller’s shipping and terms will be located towards the top right. The hotlink will look like this:

It’s a good practice to look up the details on an item that you are interested in purchasing:

After clicking the “details” hotlink, you will be brought to the item’s listing page. This is the second location a seller’s terms are posted. Here is an example:

Below is the third and last opportunity you will have to review the seller’s terms before checking the little box stating that you agree to the terms, placing the order and officially entering into an agreement:

Be sure to refresh yourself on our Buyer’s Agreement AKA Buyer’s Code to understand what is expected before and after clicking the “Place order” button.

Knowing all this up front will hopefully have you feeling confident about placing your order and excited for the arrival your new tunes.

Happy buying to all!

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  • Apr 6,2015 at 20:09

    After a buyer said, that he will only pay with Paypal, I answered with the following note:

    “I clearly stated, that I do NOT accept Paypal payments! I do not have any Paypal account. Please look at “Private” in my selling offer and “Payment Methods”: (Bank Transfer) at my profile ( )
    So, I am very sorry, but there is absolutely NO possibility to pay through Paypal.
    And I would like to explain, why I do not exept Paypal anymore as a payment method:
    Some time ago a buyer reported to Paypal a “problem with an article” and he got his money back from Paypal after returning to me HIS old and totally scratched LP. Now he has my Near Mint record and his money and I got his old and unsellable Longplay. (This was not happened through Discogs, but eBay!) From then on, I have never made any transaction anymore through Paypal. As a seller, I am helpless in these situations and I don’t want to get cheated anymore. So, NO Paypal! (Never again!)
    I hope, you understand my reasons.”
    Anything wrong with this?
    Greetings – John aka radiojohn

  • May 12,2013 at 10:32

    Some sellers takes every opportunity to cash in as much extra as they can on p6p costs, look carefully before you buy anything from these, you can be quite ripped off.

  • Feb 15,2013 at 01:04

    This overview of how to go about buying on Discogs is spot on and should be compulsory reading for all buyers. There are a very small minority of buyers who order and then try to dictate their own terms. At the end of the day, there are 1000’s of sellers on Discogs to choose from, so with a little common sense and reading up before ordering, everyone should be able to find a seller who fits their needs.

    As for the rip off merchants, I agree with the previous posts – pay via Paypal and if you don’t receive your item and the seller is unresponsive, file an “item not received” claim and Paypal will refund you.

  • Feb 5,2013 at 12:50

    Great tips, thanks!

  • Jan 26,2013 at 17:29

    For you guys talking about getting ripped off or waiting a month. I only use paypal and most people on Discogs use paypal. If you don’t have your item in 44 days { you only have 45 days } then put in a paypal dispute. Paypal disputs are not liked by sellers because it stops the seller from using paypal untill the dispute is settled. Also let Discogs know about it, they will also contact the seller if he is not answering you and they can cut him off from other selling. For the guy who is waiting a month for an item from overseas, I would wait the full 44 days because I have had the odd item take that long from overseas. It just happens sometimes. One time my item was lost and it showed up 3 months later

  • Jan 26,2013 at 06:52


    Assuming you paid via Paypal then speak to them. You have 45 days to make a claim IIRC. If you paid another way you have little chance of any refund.

  • Jan 25,2013 at 17:31

    Your right on the money about getting robbed. I have been waiting for a CD for a month and yet I still have not recieved it.I bought the CD on Discogs.The seller is also from overseas, and he said that he did not have a tracking number and that it went out in registered mail.The seller said that the package went out on December 28th,and it is now January 25th, the start of 2013.If I get robbed of a purchase, who do I need to speak with to make arrangements to get my merchandise?

  • Jan 24,2013 at 09:57

    If I dont have paypal account so how can I pay??

  • Jan 24,2013 at 04:36

    As a seller I always keep proof of postage. If your goods haven’t arrived then ask to see the seller’s proof of postage. If they can’t produce it then I would assume you’re entitled to a refund.

    If you’re really worried about the cost of losing them in the post then ask for the items to be sent via recorded delivery. This is much more expensive but you can be secure knowing they are insured by the postal company.

  • Jan 24,2013 at 02:55

    I agree, that is the only thing I’m worried about. Some of the records I want to order are $60-$150 plus shipping due to rarity. For me that is a good portion of my money to toss up in the air. Is there a way we can hold a seller accountable if said goods never get shipped? Internationally as well.

  • Jan 23,2013 at 23:45

    This is all very good, but what happens when I get ripped off by a seller, who takes my money and never sends the goods?

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