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Henry Rollins Shares Some Deep Cuts in His Record Collection

Henry Rollins shares some deep cuts and unearthed gems in his favorite genres. We’re talking about records that fellow collectors and new music fans exploring these particular styles need to know about. The weirder, the better. 

Many years ago, someone recommended I check out Afflicted Man, or the Afflicted as they were once called. I think it was the Necros who told me about them. The records are way out there. There’s some good writing about them on their Discogs site. The Afflicted Man’s Musical Bag LP is really cool. The main guy, Steve Hall, has an interesting backstory.

A record I bought — because I thought the cover looked cool and ended up being one of my favorite 7-inches of all time — is the Witch Hunt/Shuffling Souls 7-inch by The Mob. It cost me an hour’s pay but my curiosity was rewarded as it is such a great listen.

One of the best hard-to-classify finds was when Ian MacKaye bought the Minutes to Go album by a Danish band called the Sods; later, they would change their name to Sort Sol. Ian has an innate ability to pick really great records he’s never heard before. We put that record on in his room and it totally knocked us out. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite records. I got a chance to meet the band many years later at a festival in Denmark. A few years later, as Sort Sol, [they] released another cool and hard-to-pin-down album called Dagger & Guitar that’s one of my favorite warm-weather listens to this day.

Another gem that’s all too easy to pass by is the Wrong Treatment/Biking Girl 7-inch by the Four Plugs. It’s one of my favorite records. I forget how I came upon the My Ancestors album by the great Zambian guitarist Chrissy Zebby Tembo but it’s one that I’ve bought as a gift for a few people. This guy has one of the coolest tones and the songs are great. I wish someone would reissue his second album; I’ve never heard a second of it.

There are, in my opinion, a lot of bands, who hopefully have fans, but I don’t think enough people have heard, as their records are so worth checking out. Soccer Team, a band on Dischord, I think made some of the best records on that label. Also on Dischord, the Fake French album by El Guapo [and] albums by Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds on the In the Red label are great.

Of course, pretty much anyone who would find themselves on the Discogs site probably has endless lists just like this one. I’m in no way attempting to be an authority on anything. I’m just a fan.

Oh, another record that I can’t play enough is Strangers from the Far East by a band from Thailand called Khana Bierbood on the Guruguru Brain label. You can listen to it on the Discogs site and make up your own mind but it knocks me out whenever I play it.




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