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Tips For Discogs Sellers To Level Up

As a seller, seeing that “New Order” notification never gets old. That little rush, knowing that all the time you took to meticulously grade and list your records, CDs or cassettes is about to pay off! However, there are still responsibilities that the buyer and seller need to follow through on before the order is complete. Items need to be prepared, shipping costs calculated, invoices sent, payments received, and statuses updated. Despite best intentions, things can sometimes slip through the cracks, leading to an order being incomplete. Maybe the buyer forgot to submit payment, or worse yet, you got billed for the fee for an order that wasn’t completed! Fortunately, there are a lot of helpful tools for sellers on Discogs that can help ensure an order reaches fulfilment.

Shipping Policies

When you have a Shipping Policy enabled on your Discogs page, buyers will be able to see the cost of shipping next to the cost of your listed item. Once a buyer adds an item to their cart, we can tell a buyer the cost of adding additional items, increasing your average order size. If you accept PayPal, buyers will have the option to pay you at the time of checkout so you don’t have to worry about invoicing. You can also use Shipping Policies to prevent receiving orders from regions you’d prefer not to ship to.

If you’ve received an order for a single item, you can create a Shipping Policy automatically when you provide a shipping cost by checking the box that says “Always charge this amount when shipping (item format) to (buyer’s country)”. This will create a Shipping Policy to automatically invoice future orders for single items of this format from the same country. Policies created this way work just like ordinary policies and can be modified later in the Shipping Policy editor. You can find more information on how to set up Shipping Policies here.

How To Ensure Successful Orders - Tips For Sellers

Inventory Management

Nothing kills that new order buzz faster than not being able to find the record you just sold. When listing items for sale, we recommend using the “Location” field to enter private reminders of where you’ve stored record is stored to find it back quick and easy. We don’t recommend using the listing date as this can change if you edit your Inventory.

How To Ensure Successful Orders - Tips For Sellers

Automatic Non-Paying Buyer Cancellation

The Discogs invoice system bills all orders on the same day each month unless an order has been updated to a Canceled status. But what happens if you’ve invoiced the buyer and they never completed payment? If you haven’t been keeping tabs on that order and haven’t updated it to Canceled (Non-Paying Buyer), you’ll eventually get invoiced for the sales fee. Of course, we don’t expect you to pay fees on an unsuccessful order.

The Automatic Non-Paying Buyer Cancellation feature will cancel an unpaid order (so you’re not billed for it) if the buyer hasn’t submitted payment in a given amount of time. You can activate this feature at the bottom of your Seller Settings.

How To Ensure Successful Orders - Tips For Sellers

Minimum Buyer Rating

Discogs sellers have the option to automatically refuse orders from buyers who have a feedback rating that is below a given percentage. Setting a high Minimum Buyer Rating is a good way to ensure you’re only receiving orders from serious buyers.

How To Ensure Successful Orders - Tips For Sellers

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below, or contact our Support Team.


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