How To Find Discogs’ Hidden Gems: Style & Genre Pages

So, you’re a total fan of this album. You are playing it over and over again and you can’t believe how cool it sounds. Now, you consider yourself a music buff – you’re on Discogs, right!? – but you can’t quite place the style. Well, you’re in luck because Discogs has already marked the Style. Or well, most of them.

You go look for the album on Discogs and there you find a small list of styles. You already know most of them but what on earth is ‘Leftfield’. You click it and this brings you to the Style page for Leftfield.

Grimes Leftfield

Now, for the sake of this argument I am going to continue with something a little less obscure: let’s take a look at the Style-page for grunge. Let’s pretend you were standing in line at the cinema where they played Kurt Cobain’s Montage of Heck – The Home Recordings and the bluesy, acoustic recordings really appealed to your seventies soul. You never heard of this Kurt Cobain-fella but you write his name down and look it up on your computer once you get home.
Grunge‘ it says, next to ‘Acoustic‘, and you wonder what that is so you click it and here is where it takes you:

Grunge Style page

Besides that the page shows you the grunge records that were most sold this month, the Top Submitters of grunge records to the Discogs database and the releases by year, sorted by decade (not surprisingly the 90s were the most poplar). Hovering your arrow over these graphs will also give you an exact number.

Grunge Style page2

You saw the familiar ‘Releases’ and ‘Marketplace’ buttons on the top of the page and you found out that this Cobain-guy made another acoustic album with his band named Nirvana so you will be checking that out in the Marketplace. From either the Marketplace or the Releases page there is no easy way to browse back to the Style page, however. This is what makes them one of Discogs’ hidden gems.

Discogs currently lists 15 genres, and 423 styles among these genres. That is already A LOT, but if you are still missing your favourite style there is a way of requesting this. Actually, we could use our users’ help on editing the Genre/Styles Wiki. For example, the style Boogie Woogie – listed under the Genre: Blues – does not have a Description or anything! That’s why there is the option to Edit.

enter image description here

We trust that our users are the most knowledgable about this allegory of styles and (sub)genres, therefore you are in the position to impress other users (and us) with your knowledge and make Discogs even more complete and awesome than it already is.

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