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How to Find Local Australian Sellers in the Discogs Marketplace

Discogs connects record collectors and sellers across the globe. If you live in Australia and want to support local businesses, here’s how to find fellow Australians in the Marketplace.

How to Find Local Australian Sellers in the Marketplace

The easiest way to find local Sellers on Discogs Marketplace is to use the filter located in the left sidebar of the Marketplace.

ships from australia marketplace filter

On the left side of the main view of the Marketplace, scroll down to the section “More Filters.”  Under that, click the option labeled “Ships From…” to bring up a list of countries. Simply click on Australia and it will make sure all the Marketplace listings will be from Australian-based Sellers.

australian currency filter

Now, if you have items in your Wantlist and you want to see if they are available locally, all you have to do is click on the “Items I Want” tab at the top of the Marketplace window, then click on AUD (A$) in the filters section. Now you will see some local Sellers with items you may be chasing.

Shipping Options and Rates

If you would like to know the shipping options and rates of a Seller, click a country name under the “Ships From” section at the top of the Seller profile. You can also click on “Shipping” next to an item.

ships from australia

A pop-up window will show you shipping options and rates.

shipping rates australia

When you add items to your cart, you can double-check the shipping methods and your actual shipping cost in the cart.

cart order australian seller

If a Seller offers free shipping, you will see a banner for the free shipping on the top of a store page. You will also see a required order amount on the banner.

free shipping seller profile australia

Sellers Offering Free Shipping Within Australia

Here’s a handful of local sellers with free shipping:

What Australian Sellers Have to Say to Australian Buyers

“We’ve had to start importing a lot more major label stuff because the local suppliers don’t have it and we are finding that our listings are cheaper than overseas because of the huge postage cost at the moment.” – Stephan of Recordstore Sydney

“To revel in the awesome Australian funky music scene. Buy them whilst they are around. Hot local gems that highlight our world and your local dancefloors.” – Chris of Northside Records Melbourne

“Postage costs a big reason to buy locally. If any, there are problems they can be sorted out quickly and cheaply. International mail delays are still a problem in some countries. It’s always great to support our local economy if possible.” – Jon of Revolve Records

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Australian Market?

With the whirlwind of major events over the past year, the landscape for buying and selling recorded media has changed dramatically, from retail spots being told to cease face-to-face business for undefined amounts of time to record fairs no longer being able to go ahead. We can all agree that the way most of us buy and sell music was remodeled in one way or another to suit the current climate. There are still a bunch of ways you can put your support behind your local vinyl dealers, not only for their benefit but for yours too. Buying from local dealers not only strengthens the Australian market and helps keep Sellers in business, but it also helps keep cost (and stress levels) down for you. The international postal systems have faced serious disruption, with border closures for mail in certain countries, slower transit times, and wildly fluctuating costs that have driven up the price of post all over the globe. Buying local is a great way to avoid all of these issues.

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