Grade Records Like A Vinyl Junkie

Hi Sellers! As you already know, grading records is a complex science – maybe not as complex as algebra – but you get what we mean.

At Discogs, we are committed to helping you, in as many ways as possible, get your record grading right. That’s why our Database expert and jack-of-all-record-trades, Diognes_The_Fox, has been creating some magic blog posts to help our community of Sellers step up their game.

Grading the records you are about to sell is essential to your customer satisfaction, and it will also save you some prospective headaches.

By this point, you should already be convinced about the importance of good grading skills, so now it’s time to do some reading:

  1. Grading Tips Part 1: Lighting
  2. Play Grading Records: Success Through Listening
  3. Record Grading Tips All Collectors Should Know

If you feel like reading a bit more about this subject, there are more resources available at Discogs that will help you with any doubts that you might have while grading items for sale. The holy grail of grading guidelines can be found here: How To Grade Items.

Getting help from the community is also a good idea, so if you get stuck with grading an item, check to see if the issue has been addressed by the community in our Forums.

That’s it! We hope these resources will help you in the complicated, yet rewarding, path of record grading. Namaste, Sellers!

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  • Feb 12,2018 at 16:07

    Oh yeah, account in your grading/description if your records smell really bad. Nobody likes moldy record smell. ;)

  • Feb 11,2018 at 21:12

    Great article. It’s a tough science. I try and mix in both visual and audio grading. Very strong light and twin decks. If I hear a rough bit on one deck I’ll put it on the 2nd deck to be sure it’s a groove fault or just a needle issue.

    A friend a long time ago always told me to under grade records. I do this. Just means I’ve lots of undergraded records still sat on my shelves!

    I personally like the odd crackle, it’s the John Peel theory on life and vinyl. Most records I own and don’t sell in my personal collection are G/ G+. My fave being a bunch of Creedence oldies that all have major battle scars! I love the fact that someone in the past have dragged these out and had a great time with them!

    The same goes with sleeves. A NM sleeve floated on a bed on angel feathers has never had any fun! We’re only here on this colourful disc ourselves for a short while. Pull them out, crank them up!

  • Feb 10,2018 at 01:59

    But not everyone thinks the Raspberries stink.

  • Feb 9,2018 at 13:35

    Right. Diognes never did explain smell-testing though, eh?

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