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How to Make the Most of Cassette Week 2020

Cassette Week (formerly Cassette Store Day) is confirmed for October 11-17, 2020. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Cassette Week?

Cassette Week is the evolution of Cassette Store Day. Started in 2013 by a handful of UK-based labels as an answer to Record Store Day for the cassette-collecting community, in recent years Cassette Store Day was an annual affair organized by Blak Hand Records in the United Kingdom, Side B Creations in Japan, and Burger Records in the United States. Burger is no longer associated with either Cassette Store Day or Cassette Week; Burger was dissolved due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Charlie from Tapehead City, an online shop based out of New York, received a “blessing” to take over promotion on the U.S. side. Thus, Cassette Week was born: a weeklong-celebration of tapes with special releases.

How does Cassette Week work?

Labels will release Cassette Week exclusives, either new content or coveted reissues, and shops will sign up to sell those releases in-store or online. This means that inventory can vary depending on where you live or where you shop, whether it’s the local brick-and-mortar or your go-to seller on Discogs.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Cassette Week organizers and shop owners are going to great lengths to ensure social distancing and safe shopping. “We suggest stores start taking pre-orders on October 11 and allow curbside pickup October 17,” is the official recommendation from the Cassette Week folks.

If you plan on visiting a store in-person, check their website and social media channels to make sure you’re prepared for new rules related to COVID-19. This could range from limited store capacity to scheduled visitation to online-only transactions. As always, wear a mask, keep your distance, and be considerate to your local store clerks and fellow cassette collectors.

You can also check in with your favorite label or local shop to see if they are working on anything extra special for Cassette Week, whether it’s an online panel, streaming performance, or something else fun. Celebrations are coordinated on an individual store or label basis, but the CW organizers will list any known events here.

Where can I buy Cassette Week releases online?

On Discogs! Or your favorite shop’s website. Basically, you’ve got options.

If you’re looking for a specific CW releases (the drop list is being updated regularly), you’ll want to add them to your Discogs Wantlist, that way you’ll get a notification when it’s added to the Marketplace. If you’re looking to support a specific store (the list of participating stores can be found here), check to see if they’re selling inventory through Discogs. During Cassette Week, search for their name in the Marketplace and check out their Seller account to score the tapes directly.

How much are Cassette Week releases?

It depends. The going price is usually on par with a typical cassette release, which means it’s pretty cheap — at least, cheaper than vinyl. However, the limited nature of Cassette Week (and its predecessor, Cassette Store Day) creates a higher demand than supply. Tapes will often increase in value over time, resulting in a hotter resale market. That being said, we haven’t seen the same high prices on CW releases as we do for Record Store Day releases. Here’s a look at the most expensive RSD releases of all time, which you can compare to the most expensive cassettes sold on Discogs last year.

Where can I learn more about cassettes?

Maybe you’re new to collecting cassettes, or maybe you’re looking for more info on the latest trends. Either way, we’ve got you covered:

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