How to refund Discogs orders

Panic At The Discogs! Refunding Buyers Is Easy (If You Know How)

We all love that feeling when an order goes perfectly smooth, don’t we? Unfortunately, this is not always possible because of the many factors that are involved in a successful experience. All Sellers have to be ready for the possibility of an unsatisfied customer, a lost package, or all sorts of natural disasters that might occur.

Refunding your Buyers is part of the order process the same way death is part of life, to put it in a more Forrest Gump way. While this is something that you likely won’t be able to avoid, we can share some tips that will make the refund process as smooth as possible.

So it’s happening… I need to refund a Buyer! First thing I need to do: start panicking. Well, not exactly.

The first thing you should do is communicate on the order page with the Buyer to see what the reason for the refund request is. Below are some common issues with next steps for an easy resolution:

  • The package never arrived:
    • If the parcel was registered, contact the delivery company and provide them with the tracking number. Work with the delivery company to locate the package, if possible.
    • If the parcel wasn’t registered, ask the Buyer to ask to his/her neighbors before taking further action.
  • The package arrived in poor condition:
    • Contact the delivery company immediately, most of these companies provide customers with assistance and insurance.
  • The product didn’t meet the expectations of the Buyer:
    • As stated by our Seller’s Agreement: “You are expected to accept returns, and to honor refunds for returned items”.

Once the cause of the refund request is clear, you’ll need to cooperate actively with the Buyer to make the refund happen.

  • If the package never reached the Buyer, then it’s time to refund the Buyer’s money for the order (including shipping costs) and to mark the refund in our system so that our billing system can properly adjust.
  • If the package reached the Buyer, you’ll need to follow this process:
    1. Ask the Buyer to send the record back.
    2. Once you’ve received it, you can now issue the refund!
    3. Mark as Refund Sent on the order page.

Discogs Refund Process

As an extra step, once you’ve marked the refund as sent, you can post the refund transaction ID on the order page, so that the buyer can have confirmation that a refund went through.

Keep up the good work, Sellers!

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