How To Search On Discogs: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

When I was shopping at a reasonably local record shop last Saturday, the owner, who knew I worked with Discogs, asked me a few questions about the site. He didn’t know how to easily find another user, or how to find an item in his inventory. I showed him a few of our shortcuts, but it made me think that he possibly isn’t the only person with those questions. So here is a list of time saving Tips & Tricks on How To Search On Discogs, which I hope will make using the site more convenient!

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve created a few shortcuts that will make navigating the site easier. For example, typing / while browsing the site, will take you to the search bar right away. If you type g and o simultaneously, to go to your orders page. These shortcuts will only work when accessing the site on a PC or laptop, they won’t work on mobile devices. You can find all the shortcuts by clicking the “keyboard shortcuts” link on the bottom of every Discogs page, or by clicking Shift and ? on your keyboard simultaneously.

How to search on Discogs

Searching for a Discogs User

The easiest way to search for a username, and find their profile page, is to simply type u: followed by the username into the Discogs search bar. For example, u:solil would immediately take you to my profile page.

How to search on Discogs

Another way is to add the username behind this link:

If you were looking for me, would take you to my profile page.

If you are looking for a seller, you can access their inventory by clicking Items For Sale on their profile page, or add their username behind this link

Advanced Search

If you are using the Discogs search bar to search for a release, and the results coming back are a bit overwhelming, or the release you’re looking for doesn’t appear, try Advanced Search. The link to Advanced Search will appear when you start typing in the search bar, on the bottom of the results:

How to search on Discogs

Clicking on Advanced Search will take you to a form where you can specify the release country or year for example. This will greatly reduce the number of results, and improve the quality of the results. When looking for a release from 2000 with ‘Sing’ in the title, the general search turns up 3,400 results, and 429 Master Releases. Using the Advanced Search reduces that to 1,177 results and 152 Master releases. That is still quite a lot, but by adding more parameters, like release country for example, that number can be further reduced.

Advanced Search can also be helpful if you have very little information. Imagine finding this release somewhere: Unknown Artist ‎– “Untitled”. The runout code and the format ‘white label’ will help you find this release. 

You can add various options to your searches to get more precise results. Examples:

  • Phrase Search – “one two” – will find all pages with “one” and “two” next to each other.
  • restrict words – one -two – will find all pages containing “one” but without “two”

How to search on Discogs

 Searching a Seller’s inventory

We currently have no search box for sellers to search their inventory and order pages. However, while we are working on that, there is a general shortcut that will also work on Discogs: Ctrl-F! Pressing the Control and the F key simultaneously (or Command-F on Mac computers), will open up a search box on any page you have open, and will allow you to search for a keyword, an order number or anything else.

How to search on Discogs

This will also work on your phone:

How to search on Discogs

On an iOS phone, when looking at a Discogs page, type the word or number you’re looking for into the browser’s address bar. Next, you will see a few suggestions, and at the bottom of that list you’ll see On This Page (x matches). Click on that to see all the matching words on the page.

How to search on Discogs

On Android devices, when looking at a website, click on the Android menu on he top right of your screen, select ‘Find on page’ and start typing the word or number you’re looking for. All the matching words will appear.

 Searching The Marketplace

How to search on Discogs

Not everybody knows that there are a lot of filters you can use to make searching the Marketplace easier. By selecting Ships from… from the filter options for example, you can pick a country from which you would like to order. If you want to save on shipping costs, it could be worthwhile to search within your own country or from a country you know offers cheap postal options.

Find Your Version

When you have a release that is available in many different versions, it can be difficult to find the version you have. The Find Your Version tool can help! Just click the button on the Master Release page to quickly select the suitable releases. In this example we’ll use Dark Side Of The Moon, of which currently 558 versions are listed.

How to search on Discogs


After clicking the Find Your Version button, you can search for catalog numbers, or select a Country (I’ve selected Chile), and select a format, a label etc. That should speed up the process of finding the correct release page for your copy!

How to search on Discogs

I hope these search tips and tricks will make navigating the site quicker, easier and more enjoyable. If you have any questions about searching the site, please let me know in the comments!

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  • Jan 14,2019 at 21:47

    “Ships from…” and “Format Description” Filters are still not working on the “Items I Want” Menu… Why?

  • Jun 8,2017 at 18:41

    I would have liked to see a way to search just in the Free Text of Format in the advanced search.

    Example if one collect Green colored vinyl there is no way to search for “Green” without getting 279,850 of titles and names (or in format it will give zero since it’s not a format)
    Or if to search for edits needed for removing Black from free text since Black is default, as another example.

  • Jan 3,2017 at 10:46

    Nice article, especially the “Find your version”-feature was unknown for me.

    However, what is still less pronounced on discogs is an adequate search function for the own collection. The search itself is not very tolerant, especially on parts of search strings and sometimes it finds nothing, sometimes it finds everything within the collection. There are no filters as on Advanced search for the own collection (which is nice, when your collection grew to a huge number as mine).

    Besides this additional desire for an extra search-feature, it would also be nice if you could rank the entries in the own collection (as you can on the “Explore” feature), e.g. to see, which labels dominate your collection, which artist you own the most records of etc.

    Would be nice to see these “friends” soon here on Discogs

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