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How To Sell A Turntable

More specifically, how to sell a turntable online with the help of your friend and mine, Gearogs. The benefits of selling a turntable in the Gearogs marketplace are numerous – it’s free (for a limited time the 8% seller fee has been dropped), you have access to one of the biggest communities of audio gear enthusiasts in the world, and finally but perhaps most importantly, you don’t even have to put pants on OR talk to anyone (not in person anyway. I’m not a miracle worker here). And it’s SUPER easy. No more excuses for any under-appreciated turntables, find it a new home already!

Here are the three things you’ll need: a turntable, a Gearogs account (your Discogs account also works for Gearogs, or create one), and a standard PayPal account (also free and easy to set up).

So then, without further ado, let’s get started on how to sell a turntable:

Find your turntable in the Gearogs database
Search the make and model of your turntable, or you can browse through the turntable section on the site ’til you find it. If your turntable is in the database, you’re only a few steps away from being done. If you it’s not in the database yet, you’ll need to submit it to the database first.

How to sell a turntable: Gearogs browse turntable screenshot

Okay, so you’ve found your turntable – great! Click ‘Sell This Item’

How to sell a turntable: Gearogs turntable sale listing screenshot

There are two initial steps: log in with your Gearogs/Discogs account, if you’re not already, and enter the email address associated with your PayPal account

How to sell a turntable: 2 step turntable listing page Gearogs screenshot

After you’ve entered your details here, you’ll be moved through to a form to add more details about the specific turntable you’re selling, including price, description of the turntable and its condition, and pickup or shipping options. Be very clear in the description and honest about the condition of your turntable.How to sell a turntable: turntable listing draft form Gearogs screenshot

Be as descriptive as possible in the open field. It will help draw in more prospective buyers, give them a clear idea of what they’re looking at, who it would be suitable for, and any flaws. Make a list of benefits and what you love about the turntable, how old it is or how long you’ve had it, and why you’ve graded it mint, very good, or otherwise. That said, don’t go overboard. It doesn’t need to be some Shakespearean ode to your love for this turntable and sorrow at bidding it adieu. Your description should be clear on the important points about your turntable and why someone should buy it.

Pick Your Shipping Method
You can opt to make your turntable only available to pick up locally if you don’t feel like packing it up and taking it to the post office (again, talking to people, right?), but obviously you will be restricting your pool of potential buyers in doing so. You can choose to make your turntable available to buyers worldwide, or within your continent or country. Make sure you’re aware of how much shipping is going to cost and include cost of packing materials here. Including details about shipping methods in the description section could also be a good idea.

Have a look over your listing draft, and if you’re happy with it, click ‘Save Listing’. You’ll get another chance to edit before it goes live.

How to sell a turntable: turntable listing draft Gearogs screenshot

[I’m not actually selling this turntable for €20. Sorry.]

This is your final chance to ensure all the details are accurate, that you’re happy with the shipping methods and price, and that you’ve made your peace with saying goodbye to this turntable before it officially goes on sale. If you decide you simply can’t bear to part ways, you can also delete the listing, or just keep it as a draft while you take time to consider it. But if you’re ready to turn your turntable into cash, check that box and hit Activate! Wow, I feel alive – don’t you?

How to sell a turntable: active listing page Gearogs screenshot

Check out the sales page of your turntable to see what potential buyers see when they land on your listing page. If you spot an error or something you want to change, you can still edit by clicking ‘Edit Listing’ next to the header, or if you prefer doing things a longer way, go to the dropdown at the top-left of the page and going to your Inventory. This will take you back to the page you activated your listing from.How to sell a turntable: Gearogs listing page screenshot

You can keep an eye on the activity on your listing from the Seller Dashboard.

How to sell a turntable: Gearogs seller dashboard screenshot

Questions? Check out the FAQ, or ask us! Sell a turntable on Gearogs today and pay no fees!

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