How to Sell Vinyl Records

How to Sell Vinyl Records Online

Get the most out of your collection by selling vinyl records online directly to music fans. Discogs is a crowdsourced database featuring more than 13 million music releases. It’s also a vibrant marketplace where people around the world can buy, sell, and evaluate vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and more. We are committed to being an open-source site and a resource for sellers, which includes making our data public.

This is an overview of how to sell vinyl records on Discogs. Follow these three easy steps to determine the current value of your record based on recent sales, then list it for free in our online marketplace.

Step 1: Identify the Record Version


Most albums have been issued more than once, resulting in different release versions. Some of these releases are worth hundreds of dollars. Some are worth less than $5. To determine the value of your record, you must first identify it.

Start by looking for a barcode or Catalog Number on your record, which is often found on the album sleeve or pressed on the inner ring of the vinyl itself. Next, search for a barcode number. Lacking either of these options, make note of other details: label, track titles, etc. For a more comprehensive guide, here’s where to find identifying information on vinyl records.

Once you have your info, you will need to find the release on Discogs by typing these details into the search bar. If the record has a barcode, you can also scan it with the free Discogs app.

Step 2: Determine the Condition


The condition of your record will greatly influence its value. No matter how rare the record, it will not be worth much if it doesn’t sound (and look) good.

Generally, the better the condition of the sleeve and the wax, the more it will be worth. However, even records in bad condition can retain some value depending on market demand and availability.

Discogs uses the Goldmine Grading Standard, a universally-accepted guideline for representing the condition of physical music in the resale market. The levels range from Mint (perfect) down to Poor/Fair (damaged).

Here’s a complete guide to determining the condition of your vinyl record and grading each release accurately.

Step 3: Evaluate and List for Sale


After determining the condition of the record, you must decide your price. We suggest analyzing sales information in the Database and listing your record competitively in the Marketplace.

On the Release page, look for the Statistics heading; if you’re using the Discogs app, it will be labeled as Sales History. Immediately available will be the lowest, median, and highest prices that the release has been sold for on Discogs. By clicking on the Last Sold date (or on Sales History in the app), you can view the full sales data, including the average vinyl price and a chart to track trends over time.

From the Release page, you can add the record to your Collection and edit the condition of the item. Alternatively, navigate to the Marketplace heading, click Sell Vinyl, and follow the final steps to list the record

Benefits to Selling Vinyl Records on Discogs

There are numerous benefits to selling your records online through Discogs:

Discogs takes 8% on items. Compare this to more than 10% on items and shipping with eBay and Amazon.
Listing records for sale is free. You only have to pay the 8% when the record is purchased.
Utilize our dedicated support team to resolve issues.
Take advantage of our shipping tools and materials.
Leave records listed for as long as it takes them to sell. There is no listing expiration.
Offer shipping discounts to Buyers willing to purchase more than one record.
Your inventory will be accessible to a robust community of genuinely passionate music fans!

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