How to submit a unique release on Discogs

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First up: How to create a submission for a unique release!
Let’s say that you got your hands on a US promo copy of Beastie Boys – Ill Communication, but when you go to sell it in the Marketplace, there is not a release page for a promo from the US. Rather than just noting in the listing comments that it is a promo, you can quickly create a new release page.
First, find the release page for the retail release of the promo that you have. From the release page, follow the link toward the top right corner to the history/edit page:

On the history/edit page, find “Copy to Draft” and click it. You will then be taken to a page that asks you to confirm that you would like to copy the release information to a draft. Agree that this is what you intend to do, and then you will be taken to your Drafts page.

Edit/Submit the draft to go to the submission page where you can make the necessary changes to the release. In this case, once you have carefully compared the release information to your copy to be sure it is all correct, you would add a description onto the format to note that it is a promo release.

Be aware that submission notes are required for this kind of release. Once you have everything updated as necessary, follow the link to Preview and then Submit. When the release page is finished and is in the database, you can list your promo for sale from it by following the link to Sell Your CD.

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