How Will COVID-19 Affect Sales And Purchases On The Discogs Marketplace?

There’s no question that COVID-19 is dominating headlines around the world. As Discogs is a global marketplace, some users may also be noticing its impact as well. You may be wondering if it’s safe to order items from certain countries, while if you’re a seller, you may be experiencing limitations in your ability to fulfill their orders. 

Is It Safe To Buy On Discogs Right Now?

Last month, we published a blog post on the safety of receiving packages from regions affected by COVID-19. Studies have shown that it is not able to survive long on surfaces such as packages, and according to the CDC there is little risk in ordering online from affected areas. We would advise all buyers to read that post and continue to follow the advice of global health experts. 

When placing orders on Discogs, please be aware that delivery times could be affected. We ask you to be patient and sympathetic towards sellers’ and delivery staff’s capacity to get your order to you. Some factors affecting delivery time include sellers having trouble getting to the post office to send items, postal quarantine in some areas, and overwhelmed delivery services causing delays. 

How Is Selling On Discogs Affected? 

Governments around the world are taking serious measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. This includes limiting public interactions, creating containment zones, and enforcing lockdown measures. The most important thing to do if you live in an area under lockdown is to follow the instructions of your government and don’t go to the post office if you’re asked not to.

If you are unable to complete an order due to the situation in your community, we advise you first and foremost to communicate the situation to your buyer. COVID-19 is a global issue and your buyer will almost certainly be aware of its scale and impact. Together you can work to find a solution that suits you both. Regardless, it’s important that you communicate your restrictions to your buyer so that you can come to an agreement together.

  • If the buyer has already paid and agrees to a refund, you can use our refund feature to adjust the sales fee after refunding. Please review our How Do I Refund An Order? help document for further information.
  • If payment has not yet gone through and the buyer asks to cancel, you can cancel the order as “Per Buyer’s Request”. If you are unable to post the order, “Item Unavailable” would be the more appropriate cancellation type.
  • If the buyer wishes to continue with the order, please inform them about the approximate delay of shipment. Should the situation change, please remember to keep your buyer informed.
  • You may prefer to avoid shipping overseas right now due to delays and uncertainty with the postal service. Use your Shipping Policies to ensure your listings are only available to buyers in countries you’re willing to ship to and exclude those you don’t ship to for now. You can change these any time with alterations coming into immediate effect in the marketplace.

Finally, if you are no longer able to fulfill new orders, it may be wise to temporarily expire your inventory. Do note that when you re-list your items for sale, your listing date will be updated to that new date, not the original listing date. For further information, please review our help document, How Do I Temporarily Take My Inventory Offline?


Once again, communication is one of the most important factors we consider when reviewing feedback removal requests. If you feel you have unfairly received negative feedback due to COVID-19-related circumstances, whether as a buyer or a seller, please file a feedback review request and our team will take your situation into consideration when reviewing. We will look to make sure that all parties have properly communicated their situation and limitations to fulfill the order. 

In Summary

It remains safe to purchase on Discogs, and perhaps there’s no better time than now to stay at home and put a record on! As the situation develops, sellers, in particular, may experience limitations in their ability to complete orders. Discogs’ official stance is that health and safety should be the number one priority and that everyone should follow the advice and direction of local authorities. Stay informed, stay calm, and above all stay safe! 

If this blog post hasn’t answered all of your questions, please feel free to drop us a line via Our support team is doing their best to stay informed on the situation and we’re ready to help walk you through it as best we can. As Kevin mentioned in his message to our community, we are committed to our users. We will continue to facilitate Marketplace orders and will do our best to provide you with as much information as we can along the way.

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