Hüsker Dü: The Top 10 Most Collected Vinyl

Word broke today that Hüsker Dü drummer and co-songwriter Grant Hart passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 56. Hart was instrumental in the legendary band’s vibe and songs. The word “legendary” is thrown around in a cavalier fashion these days, but Hüsker Dü deserves it. As Dave Grohl once said, “No Hüsker Dü, no Foo Fighters.” Whether because of direct or indirect influence, that also applies to just about any worthwhile rock band with hard edges from the last three decades.

In honor of Hart’s contributions to the music scene at large, here are the top 10 most collected Hüsker Dü records across the Discogs community.

The Top 10 Most Collected Hüsker Dü Records

You can visit Grant Hart’s discography as well as the entire Hüsker Dü catalog via the Discogs Database.

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