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Crate Minds: An Interview With Discogs Record Seller, Buy24Hours

While we love visiting as many record stores as we can, there are many record sellers on Discogs who don’t have a brick & mortar shop, and who are only selling records online. Despite not having a physical storefront, these record sellers still have plenty of good tales about their journey to record selling, collecting, and the culture that surrounds it. The Crate Minds record seller interview series is all about sharing these stories to give you a glimpse behind the (virtual crates).

Meet Jörg Tillmann, who has been selling records on Discogs as Buy24Hours for over 10 years. Check out what Buy24Hours has got for sale and pick up a gem!

Discogs record seller, Buy24Hours

What’s your name & role?
My name is Jörg Tillmann, I am the owner of buy24hours.de.

When did you become a record seller on Discogs?
On July 3rd, 2008.

How did you get into selling records?
I have always been interested in music and buying and selling stuff at flea markets. In the early 2000s I started to expand my activities to the internet. At first I sold everything, like books, household items - even furniture. At some point I met a German DJ who was selling his vinyl collection. We made the deal and all of a sudden I had, like, 10000+ vinyl records on my hands. Most of them were house, techno and trance so I started to selling them online. While I was looking for a good place to sell vinyl, I found Discogs and became a member.

Do you have a physical record shop, or do you only sell records online? 
I only sell vinyl online through Discogs and another platform. I don't have a physical shop, only an office with a warehouse (about 200 square meters).

What is your specialty?
I am not specialised in a certain style. Starting with the electronic range, I soon came across many other collections. I widened my range to rock and pop, as well as classic and even children’s records and German Schlager.

What was the most valuable item you ever sold?
Hank Mobley's self-titled album sold for €1100.

What does your own record collection look like?
My own collection is very small. I have about 400 LPs at home, 200 of them are children's records for my kids. Both of them have been playing records since they were 2 years old. I hardly even get a chance to put my music on the turntable.

What is your personal holy grail record?
The Velvet Underground & Nico

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you when selling records?
That time when a guy from Spain wrote to me: "Do not send me a positive feedback after payment, ok? It's very important for me, my wife spies on my Discogs account :-("

What is your number one tip for buyers on Discogs?
Enjoy the great variety on Discogs and if you are not satisfied with an order, do contact the seller to give them the chance to solve the problem.

And for record sellers?
Be nice to your customers ;-)

What’s your favorite feature of Discogs?
The open database that everyone can work on.

Discogs Seller Buy24Hours


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