Interview With Uwe Weigmann, The Man Behind Firestation Records

While talking to our interviewee today, one thought came to my mind: Is this the first time we have interviewed a Seller specializing in indie-pop? For those of you that read the Discogs Blog regularly, you know that Crate Minds is normally more focused on the typical Discogs dichotomy of rock and electronic music sellers. As a fan of indie-pop myself, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce this Seller and his shop.

Interview with Uwe Weigmann of Firestation Records


Tell us who you are and how long you have been a Discogs user

My name is Uwe Weigmann and I’m a Seller from Berlin. My record label is called Firestation Records and you can find me on Discogs under the name popkid1983. I’ve been a Discogs user for longer than ten years now!

How did you get into selling on Discogs?

I started back in the early 1990s. Back then I was going to London by bus twice a month to spend my time on the bargain floors of record and tape exchange. I bought a lot of stuff, mostly for my collection but also for friends in Berlin. Later on, I was putting together sale lists which I sent out to a few customers or selling stuff through a friend who was running a mail-order for indie-pop back then. In 1995 I sold records at a record fair for the first time. A few years later, in 1998, I founded my own record label, Firestation Records. We specialize in indie-pop reissues and have a lot of followers in Japan. I gave up my day job in 2004 to sell records and to run the record label full time. Since June 2019 we have been running a physical record shop as well.

What is your favorite record store right now and why?

Besides our own Firestation Record shop, I would say it is The Record Store Berlin. It’s the shop with the best collection in my opinion and the most friendly and competent record store in town.

Do you have a favorite record of all-time?

I actually have three: an LP, a 12″ single and a 7″ single.

Aztec Camera - How Men Are album cover

Aztec Camera – How Men Are

Format: 12″ single

What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

Indian Summer ‎– Wonderland album cover

Indian Summer ‎– Wonderland

Format: 12″ single
Price: €299,99

What does your personal collection look like?

These days it is not as big as it was back in 2005. Over the years I sold a lot of stuff from my private collection to collectors in Japan, mostly rare and obscure indie-pop records from the 1980s. I think these days my private collection still includes about 4000 LPs, about 2000 7″ singles and a few thousand CDs. I mostly collect 60s/70s and contemporary soul, UK guitar pop and sophisticated pop from 1980s-early 1990s. I am also very much into the 1970s AOR and obscure stuff from Hawaii which was released between 1970-1988.

What has been your best record find?

Last year I bought a very large collection of rare Brazilian funk, soul, samba and Latin 7″ singles from a charity shop just around the corner. it was amazing because nearly all of the stuff was unknown to me and I was surprised about the value of the items.

What is your number one tip for buyers and/or sellers on Discogs?

Always show respect for each other, everything can be solved within those boundaries.

Are you a huge fan of indie-pop?
You can buy records from Uwe’s shop here.

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