An Ode To The Wantlist: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Wantlist Up To Date

by falsepriest

This is an ode to the mighty Wantlist. If the Collection is all the stuff you already have, the Wantlist an opportunity, the promise of a better future (definitely not an exaggeration).

Plus, if you’re like me, it’s impossible to remember all the things you want, especially if it’s something you casually spotted in the Database, or a recommendation from a friend and have been meaning to follow up on.

With Filmogs, Bookogs, Comicogs, Gearogs and Posterogs, you can now share your Wantlist with people you want to buy you stuff your friends and family, either directly or via social media. Whether you’re angling for better gifts, or just want to show off how impeccable your taste is, anyone who has the URL will be able to see your your Wantlisted items.

But there’s more to the Wantlist than just showing off. It’s also a functional list that has many benefits if you’re doing it right. Here are 5 of the best.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Wantlist Updated:

Remember ALL the items you want
Life is like spinning plates. Do you really need the added pressure of remembering your shopping lists? Your Wantlist is like your personal assistant – let the Wantlist remember stuff so you don’t have to.

Get an email notification when it’s listed for sale
If you’ve spotted an item in the Database that isn’t listed for sale yet, you could hit refresh every 5 minutes until it’s listed. Or you could just Wantlist it. You’ll get a notification straight to your email inbox the minute it’s listed so you’re the first to know.

It’s like shopping-Lite
You know that rush of dopamine you get from clicking ‘Add To Cart’? Of course you do! It’s a thrill I’d wish for you everyday, but for those of us whose bank accounts restrict the number of ‘Buy Now’ buttons we’re hitting, ‘Add To Wantlist’ is a welcome alternative. Get the excitement of pretend-shopping, without going bankrupt and having to move in with your inlaws.

Calculate how many years you still have to work to be able to afford everything you want
I figured out I’m going to need to work until long after I’m dead to be able to buy all the things my collection deserves. It’s good to have goals, right?

The satisfaction of removing an item from your Wantlist after you get it
Twice as satisfying ticking a task off your to-do list: it’s one less thing you have to do AND you’ve enriched your Collection. You’re nailing this.

Update and Share Your Wantlist on Comicogs, Bookogs, Gearogs, Filmogs and Posterogs now!

*Lists are private by default unless you change your settings.

4 comments about “An Ode To The Wantlist: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Wantlist Up To Date
  • xNihilityx 13 days ago
    Nice article 👍🏼
  • falsepriest 8 days ago
    Thanks xNihilityx!
  • wpsmith 5 days ago
    It's also nice to be informed when a seller has additional items from my list!
  • finnswingley 4 days ago
    My wantlist seems to be for things I will never find or can't afford.