Label And Companies Update – August 2011

It is with pleasure that we announce an update to the way Discogs catalogs companies. Previously, we had jammed companies into the ‘Label’ field as an interim solution. We have now developed the ‘Label’ field into a full ‘Label and Company’ field, using a drop-down to select the type of company. This includes series, record companies, copyright holders, publishers, studios, manufacturers etc – you can see the full list, with definitions, here.

This system has been created after some discussion (ok, lots…) about the way to correctly catalog all the various entities involved in the release. It is intended that this will make submitting easier, as you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is permitted to enter a certain entity – you can enter them all. It also means that we can start properly cataloging things like recordings that were made at Abbey Road Studios – another way to find music you may like.

In terms of voting, we’d like to request that voters take a ‘soft’ approach to the use of the tags, especially in problematic or difficult examples. The most important thing is the link goes to the correct page. Only vote “Needs Minor Changes” at the most if an entity should be a series instead of a label, a record company instead of a licensee, etc. Sometimes, these things are not explicitly defined on the release, and we can’t expect all submitters to be experts on such matters, or to spend a lot of time researching things.

At the moment, these new tags will still point to pages with the URL , and there will be references to ‘Label’. We plan to continue to update things as we start to see data getting entered with the new tags.

More discussion on this update available here.

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