Life-Hack: Used Mailers In Front Of Your Expedit Cubes Prevent Cat Scratches And Light


Look at this jerk. I love him very much, but he is very much a jerk. I love cats. I’ve always loved cats. Discogs loves cats. The toxoplasma has reassured me of this fact. I also love my records. My cat, however, thinks I’ve coated my walls in a very fancy scratching post.


Like many of you, I was looking for a solution to this issue. It needed to be something that can both remain in place and also not get knocked out by paws with claws. Oddly enough, I also had a mountain of used mailers. That’s when it hit me. All you need to do is to tuck one of the flaps over the top of the records, and the mailer fits inside the cube flush. Don’t use those UK style mailers. The sticky material on the inside of the flap may adhere to the top of your records. But also, though, don’t use those UK style mailers in general.


Of course also you can be creative. Put stickers on ’em. Draw on em. Get your friends to draw on ’em. Use them to index the contents of the cube behind it. Suddenly your collection is also your canvas! Another thing you might be able to do is to glue poly sleeves to the mailer. That way you might be able to show off some of your prized vinyl records too!

Another added benefit I found was that my collection wasn’t getting bathed in direct sunlight anymore. Some may not know, but the sun actually changes its position in the sky during the day. Sometimes super early in the morning, the sun can reach some pretty deep places without you even being awake to know about it.

Anyways, that’s it for this week. Share your tips down below!

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