Live Convention ’18: DJ Koco’s Top 10

In support of Live Convention ’18, taking place in Toronto, September 21st through the 23rd, we caught up with one of Japan’s top crate digging DJs, DJ Koco aka Shimokita. He hit us with a list of 10 of his all-time favorite breaks.

Live Convention ’18 consists of 6 events over 3 days, features the Cratery Record Exchange and performances by some of the biggest heavyweights in the digging world including Lord Finesse, DJ Spinna, Jazzy Jay, Supreme La Rock and many more! 

DJ Koco's Top 10: James Brown ‎– Funky Drummer

James Brown ‎– Funky Drummer

I ain’t have nothing more to say about this record

DJ Koco's Top 10: Samba Soul ‎– Mambo No. 5

Samba Soul ‎– Mambo No. 5

I love the way Underboss used this joint.

DJ Koco's Top 10: Kool And The Gang ‎– N. T.

Kool And The Gang ‎– N. T.

A whole lot of sampling sources on this one record.

DJ Koco's Top 10: Mutiny ‎– Funk 'N' Bop

Mutiny ‎– Funk ‘N’ Bop

I heard this record though Lesson 2. Salute Steinski!!

DJ Koco's Top 10: 7th Wonder ‎– Daisy Lady

7th Wonder ‎– Daisy Lady

One of the best breaks from UBB.

DJ Koco's Top 10: Manzel ‎– Space Funk

Manzel ‎– Space Funk

The best of the best.

DJ Koco's Top 10: Spoonie Gee ‎– Love Rap

Spoonie Gee ‎– Love Rap

There are a million ways to cut up this masterpiece.

DJ Koco's Top 10: L.T.D. ‎– Love To The World

L.T.D. ‎– Love To The World

Finally, a 7″ edit version will be released soon.

DJ Koco: Discogs | Instagram

Toronto, don’t miss DJ Koco in action at the 45 Kings show on September 21st, 2018, which is just one of six shows that are part of Live Convention ’18! Also on the bill: Jazzy Jay, Skeme Richards, and DJ Serious. It all goes down at Tennessee Tavern. Full event details here.

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